What browser(s) do y'all use for SASSIE platform reporting?

I'm using Firefox, but there's no "submit" or "save" button showing. So, in effect, I guess I mean the whole page isn't loading. Impossible to submit with no submit button.

This is an on-going problem for me. I can do it at the public library, sure -- but our library is only open20 hours a week, and isn't open when I get back into town from a long drive.

Suggestions, help?


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OK, thanks for the suggestion. I tried Chrome, it's even worse, wouldn't even let me log in.

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Chrome also but make sure your window is full screen

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Thanks, Buffalo, but I suggest a grammar correction to your "tag line" -- i. e., "if the money's right".
ceasesmith, are you using SASSIE on a mobile device like a phone or tablet? I know that unique issues sometimes present themselves on mobile devices.

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Check your firewall settings. Your computer's firewall's likely too strict for you to do anything.

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Thanks, Christine. Unfortunately, my tech-challenged life doesn't give me the opportunity to use anything but my clunky old PC!! I've never managed to shop with a cell or tablet.

LOL, Tarantado, what's a Firewall, how to I find out how restrictive it is, and isn't the firewall on the browser, not on the PC? I have something Mal-byteWare for viruses, and I don't know HOW to get rid of it.\

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Cease, I use Firefox, and have no problem seeing the "Save" and/or "Submit" button. Makes me think there is something that needs to be updated in your browser. Is your Flash Player up to date?? Or your Java?? Those could make a difference. In Firefox, go up to "Tools", click on "Add Ons", and check your Plugins, to see if any need to be updated. Just a thought here.
Guysmom, that just gives me a list of stuff I can add. Plug ins last updated May 9th. But I can't find JAVA.
I have the Edge browser and it works better than Firefox. If you're not on M10, you may not be able to download it.

It isn't perfect. But it does automatically correct spelling for words you use regularly. The only thing that really irks me is I can't see my time so I can save and get the warning like you see in Firefox.

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Understand the issue.
Already own the stuff so not a big deal. We spread it around the family, so the money isn't a big bite me.

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning; the devil shudders...And yells OH #%*+! SHE'S AWAKE!
You can download Safari and try it. [download.cnet.com] It is free and will work on a Windows based device. I have Windows 10 and Edge on my laptop, but I have never had any problems using Safari on my phone. Just a suggestion.
I generally use Firefox for most things. Google Chrome is not the simple browser like it and Firefox and even MSIE used to be. They are bloated and slow, but Chrome is worse than Firefox. There will always be webmasters who either don't know how or more likely refuse to make their websites simple, fast loading, and user friendly. Some even have so much unnecessary script in their website, that the pages frequently take forever to load or crash the browser. Kinesis, Facebook, STN, and Excite Personal Home Page are four that instantlycome to mind.

Many times, especially with mystery shopping websites, the culprit is Flash. You could always turn off Flash, but it is necessary on many MS websites to upload your receipt images. If you are having new problems with slow page loading, not loading at all, freezing, or crashing the browser, I suggest you first check to make sure you have the latest version of Flash. If not, then update it. If your browser is set to auto-update, the new update may not work well with the old Flash version.

You should also disable all the cute add-ons, plug-ins, and cosmetic enhancements you might have made to your browser. If you find you need them, you can re-enable them one at a time to find which one(s) are causing problems. As I said earlier, some webmasters insist on bloating their web pages with excessive coding such as java and cgi script and others. This is why you should install a backup browser and use it for those websites.

I actually have 8 browsers on my home pc that I can use. I use only Firefox on my smartphone, since the Android version of Firefox is not full of bloatware. I have installed a lightweight browser on my pc that I use especially for websites that are overloaded with scripts and unnecessary bloatware. It is called FlashPeak Slimjet. It has the most effective ad blocker that I've ever seen. I would not install any unnecessary add-ons to this browser. Keep it simple so it will work for you when the heavy browsers will not. This browser is so good at blocking ads and crap, that Facebook (and only Facebook) always displays a notice at the top asking me to update my browser for a better experience.

MalwareBytes is not an anti-virus, and it is not a firewall. It is useful to use periodically to scan your pc to find and eliminate ad ware, which IMO is sneakier and harder to remove than most actual viruses. Some anti-virus programs think MalwareBytes is a virus itself. In those instances, you have to rename MalwareBytes to something more friendly to trick the anti-virus program. Although Windows does have a weak firewall pre-installed, almost every router has a firewall. If you have home Wi-Fi, you probably have a router connected to your pc.

SASSIE is the least troublesome and most user-friendly of all the MS websites, and I do not have problems with their pages. I wish all MS companies used it.
Thanks so much. I downloaded FlashPeak Slimjet. But now I don't know how to access it? There's no "shortcut" or icon on anything showing. So what do I need to do now to make it show up somehow?
OK, I got the "shortcut" and icon and all that good stuff...rebooted. Unfortunately, tried two different SASSIE companies, and neither website worked. Just got that going round and round and round thing, then finally "the page is nonresponsive". Don't know what I'm doing wrong. I think I'll download Safari and try that.

I have a VERY old computer. Plus I am tech ignorant.

Thanks for the suggestions and help.

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@ceasesmith wrote:

Thanks so much. I downloaded FlashPeak Slimjet. But now I don't know how to access it? There's no "shortcut" or icon on anything showing. So what do I need to do now to make it show up somehow?
It should have given you the option to add a shortcut to desktop, but it is easy enough to do it yourself. I'm assuming you have some sort of Windows operating system, such as Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 98. It is easy in Windows 7 (just do a search in Windows Explorer), so I'm assuming you have one of the other operating systems.

You need to find the .exe file and create a shortcut. Here is how.

1. Open Windows Explorer - generally by right-clicking on the Windows icon on bottom of your screen.
2. Click "Open Windows Explorer"
3. If you have only one hard drive partition, then click the arrow to the left of the C drive to expand it so it shows the files contained on the C drive.
4. Click on Program Files.
5. Scroll and click on the folder named Slimjet.
6. Scroll down to almost the bottom and find slimjet.exe It will probably have a tiny round blue icon beside it.
7. Right-click on the file slimjet.exe
8. Click the option on the menu that pops up >send to. From this pop up menu, select Desktop.
9. Now you have a shortcut on your desktop and click it to open the program. You can also drag that shortcut icon to your task bar to have it handy. That's what I do to the programs I use frequently. That way I don't have to close open programs just to get to a shortcut that is on the desktop.
10. If you have Apple instead of Windows I can't help you.
Oops! I guess you figured out the short cut thing. Maybe someone else can benefit from my steps above. It sounds like you may have a computer issue instead of a browser issue then.

The first thing you should do is defragment your hard drive. You can probably ask Google search how to do this.

Short of doing a fresh re-install of your operating system, you could install an anti -virus program that has a utilities program included. Unfortunately they are not so free. I use Avanquest's program and it is pretty automatic. You may be able to bring new life to your pc by running those utilities programs, such as the registry defragmentation one.
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