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Do you ever see shops such as Ruth's Chris or Grimaldi's et al., WITHOUT a bar element to the shop? I'd love to do those shops, but due to the nature of my job, if I'm caught at a bar, I'm out of a job. Needless to say, I can't do the bar element of the posted shops.

Any suggestions?

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I've seen the low level steakhouses split up the jobs into different shops. Could you talk to the schedulers and tell them what you just told us? Maybe they could get two shoppers to do the location that time? You say100 percent at the beginning you can't ever do a bar shop so don't even ask.
Wow..... I'm curious what kind of a job forbids you from going to a bar!!! Even airline pilots are allowed to go a bar, but I understand they're not allowed to drink any alcohol for 24 hours (or longer, I don't know the exact rule).
I've seen several mid to good dining places have no-bar shops with just regular table food. It may depend on your area and what msc you are signed up with.
Restaurant shops for lunch often do not include the bar. Try Service with Style, Customer Impact, or A Closer Look to see if they have shops in your area. There are others too like Intellishop, Mercantile, Confero, and Data Quest.
I did a Ruth Chris and Seasons 52 w.o bar. They are out there. Are you able to sit and order a soda and take a guest who can drink?
Can you go to a bar and not drink? Earlier this week I did a bar and restaurant for ACL. The guidelines specifically said a non-alcoholic drink at the bar was fine, and since the reimbursement wasn't going to cover the meal, I was happy to enjoy my $2.00 soda water rather than buy my friend a $12 cocktail on top of the free meal he was enjoying.
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