Jancyn's Newsletter Concerning The Recorded Mystery Shop Call

The following excerpts are in the order that they appeared in the newsletter.

Regarding "The recorded mystery shop call," a recent Jancyn newsletter stated:

"You should have the evaluation form in front of you as you make the call. Then check off questions throughout the conversation." If you do that, you can miss what the agent said. I would recommend against it. You don't want to have to keep asking what she said.

"Complete the survey immediately after hanging up so you don't forget anything and play back the recording if needed." No, no, no, no. Don't play back the recording "if needed." It IS needed. Play it back. Listen to it as you type your report.

So true: "Most often the hardest part for the shopper is to allow for some uncomfortable pauses, as the employee answering the phone is the one expected to lead the conversation." Let the awkward pauses happen. Don't "help" the agents. They need to do their jobs, for better or worse.

More so true: "[Y]ou must not interrogate the agent. It is their job to ask you questions and describe the apartment and community and invite you to visit." Again, let them do their jobs. Or not.

When shoppers lead the call/ask too many questions (or sometimes any questions), the agent gets credit for saying something that she didn't actually say/ask. Once the shopper asks about it, the agent has to be given credit for it because the client doesn't know that the agent would not have mentioned it.

smiling smiley Jamie
Editor and shopper

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