If my reports were as poorly written as the guidelines are.....

I just did two big-box stores. One is for the client, and the other was to check out the competition.

Instead of rewriting the guidelines, they just used the same guidelines. They just changed the store name throughout.

Which is just oh, so, STUPID. The 2nd store's departments have similar names, but not identical names. The store layout is entirely different. You're required to get a business card -- store #1 lets employees provide you with a business card, in store #2, only managers have business cards. And managers aren't available, LOL!!!

For example, "go to such-and-such an area". Store #2 doesn't HAVE any "such-and-such" area. No way, Jose.
The required interaction in store #2 is totally and 100% handled at the Customer Service counter.

If I handed in a report written this badly, I would expect it to be rejected.

I feel like rejecting the guidelines!!!

Do you have a "worst guidelines EVER" story?

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Well, when I first started shopping for Service Check they had an sample in their guidelines of an "exemplary narrative" with warnings that the narrative should look like that one, blah blah blah. Only problem was that I found about 6 errors in their short 4-paragraph sample narrative. I edited and sent it back to them. The next month I noticed that they had fixed it.
My worst was in another job. I filled in for someone occasionally-- because I had lived in that town long enough to know where all the locations were at any given moment. You see, no one had updated the address list in years and years and years, so if you did not know that the such-and-such had moved to where the whoosy used to be, and that whoosy was now three blocks to the north, you would not be able to do the job because you would not be able to locate any workplaces. You would just have to stop what you were doing and scream, swear, tear your hair out, and, possibly, howl. The address list had dozens of entries like this. The employee rarely used a temp, and it was not necessary to update the list unless some whippersnapper came along and demanded accuracy. Accuracy! BahahahahaHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Those stanky whippersnappers were branded as unreliable (and possibly stupid) and they were never seen again.

I wonder if it is like this with some shop guidelines.

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