Car Dealership Salesman put on my credit report as job "Mystery Shopper"

So I went to this car dealership to look at getting a car as my car was wrecked last month. This was not a mystery shop. While there I had to prove where my income comes from. I tell this person that I am an Independent Contractor or that he can put in that I am disabled (SSDI check) and I am Self Employed. He asked what I did and I explained that I am a mystery shopper and auditor. I wasn't expecting to go back to this company as a shopper and I wasn't there as a shopper. Now on my credit report, there is an addition to my work history.
I am guessing this will screw with me doing auto dealer shops, not that I did any anyway. I am not sure if there is a way to fix this. Any ideas?

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They typically DO NOT get permission to pull your credit. A very, very few, ask you to go through a credit check. Also, a few cell shops do. Otherwise you should be fine.

There is a way to get "misinformation" off of a credit report. You have to get a report (free) and then write to ALL of the CR agencies challenging the item. Unless they can demonstrate that it IS true within 90 days, they must delete the item. That's federal law.

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If you don't do car shops anyway, I would not worry about it. Is there any misinformation? You are right walesmaven, I have had incorrect data deleted from my credit.
Too late now, but: do not sign or otherwise endorse a credit application that includes any information you feel is incorrect. By endorsing you are stating that YOU have provide accurate and truthful information. Always pay attention to information that someone else is entering on your behalf. It is your information, not someone else's interpretation or mistake.

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Part of my is wondering why worry if you don't plan on doing an assignment requiring your credit be pulled. You file taxes as a mystery shopper, so why not?

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