About Face Hotel Parking Lot Audits

Has abyone done these shops? There is no addresses for the specific hotels that need to be shopoed, just basically any hotel in one of 37 chains in your state. In my city I have at least 10 hotels in the chains on the list within feet of each other, and i could easily do 10+ in a day. I am new to all this, and was wondering if its a scam. It seems like it could be lucrative with the right route.

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A scam? No. Lucrative? Hardly. If you're averaging $5 per location and you somehow pull off 10 between the hours required, you've made approximately minimum wage.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Ok. I see your point. With as clustered as the hotels are here, ans with as simple as the report is, i was thinking i would be able to hit at least 5 hotels an hour. If they average $5 each, that is closer to $25 an hour. But thanks for the heads up!
Refresh my memory. The job description was confusing as hell. I got the impression if you could not find what you were looking for the minimum was $5, but it could be more per location. Do I have it bass ackwards?

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Basically you drive through a parking lot looking for vehicles belonging to companies and notate if you see any. Then take a photo of the hotel sign and move on. Depending how many vehicles you find per lot, you make anywhere from $1-$10. If you see 1, you make $5.
And it has to be done after 5 pm, right? There is also data entry time. I don't think it's worth it.
I do them when I'm traveling for work and my choice is sit in a hotel watching tv or drive around parking lots looking for work trucks. It's not lucrative and you can only shop the same location every 30 days. I haven't done them in a few months but I think it's 6pm to 11pm.
I do them when I am doing other shops in the area and it can be profitable if you can do a bunch by the airport!
I attempted the parking lot shop, but felt very conspicuous when I was doing it. Even at 7 pm, it was dark (I did it in the winter), it was difficult to read many of the names on the vehicles, and even harder to see the state name on the license plate. Commercial license plates can look very different than passenger plates. And you're not supposed to get out of your car to get a better look. I was surprised by how many guys hang out near their trucks and eyeball every car that goes by. It was too uncomfortable for me. I went to 4 hotels in a suburban area near a fairgrounds/event venue and there were about 4 trucks per location. I got the required info for maybe 1 truck and didn't even bother to submit a report. Maybe if I had better eyesight, it would have been worth it. smiling smiley Not every shop is for every shopper. Good luck if you try it!
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