How deal with rejected reports?

I have one company that I followed their guidelines to the T and double checked dotting the I's. The same scheduler for 2 different shops has rejected my reports. I have a saved copies of my reports and had some one go over the guidelines and read my reports they couldn't see why it was rejected. How do you handle this? How I handled it may not be the best but I was to do a circuit of the same shop just all surrounding towns once the scheduler rejected the first 2 reports, I canceled my shops. I did not want to waste my gas or time if she was going to reject them. I asked the scheduler to explain where I went wrong and they did not respond. I have since started rejecting their emails and I'm trying to figure out how to stop their contact.

I do not know what the code of contact of sharing a bad company so I'll keep the name of the company to myself until I find out it is ok to share.


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For these assignments, is the scheduler also the person who edited the reports? Did any communication get sent to your junk or spam folder? If so, is there a mention of whom to contact regarding the report, such as a different person who edited your surveys?

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The scheduler was the same person to edited the reports. The only contact and emails had her name on it. Unlike other jobs where there were others, she was the only one contacting me. I keep my spam/junk box clear so I know nothing went there. The same scheduler was on 2 projects both projects were fairly large and took several visits to do. So doing them and having them rejected really peeved me off. I'm out gas money and reimbursement money as they required $$ to be spent.
Not enough information.
What was the reason for the reports being rejected?
How were you informed they were rejected?

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@jmeredithjobs wrote:

I asked the scheduler to explain where I went wrong and they did not respond.

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I saw that. Somehow or another the OP found out the shops were rejected. That would usually include a reason.

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I have had very few shops rejected, and I was ALWAYS given a reason -- photo too blurry, etc.
I don't see any reason why the OP can't say who the MSC is.

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OP, you can reveal the name of the mystery shopping company as long as you do not tell us the name of the client. We can probably help you with some opinions and past experience if you provide more information.

1. What is the mystery shopping company?
2. How did you learn that your reports were rejected? What information were you given?
3. How long have you been mystery shopping?
4. Without revealing the client name, describe the shop. Many of us may have done the shop and we may be able to help you figure out how your reports did not meet the guidelines.
roflwofl has given you exactly the parameters that we need to have to really help. We are trying to give you as much support a possible, but need to better understand the MSC and the type (not client) of shop to be of more use to you.

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Most MSC have telephone numbers published. I always call and speak to someone if I am having issues.
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