Yankee Candle report - Comments box under associate description - comments on what?

Help please! I'm filling out the report for the shop I did at Yankee Candle today (which was fun BTW!). The system won't let me submit without something written in the Comments box that's below where I named the associate, then described her. What am I supposed to comment on, does anyone have a clue? I already named & described her fully. And all it says is "Comments". Not very helpful lol! Thanks!

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Rinse and repeat. Do what it takes to push it through, even if you have to be redundant.
I have had to learn to be redundant in this job, too. And I don't like redundancy hehe.

There are times when it is better to do whatever it takes to get something to submit and let the MSC contact you. As an old friend was fond of saying, "Sometimes it is easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission."

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Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
As another wise friend told me years ago when I was hesitant to talk to this girl, "Take a leap of faith. The worst they can do is reject you."

A little extreme and they won't reject you (okay, so maybe it's a bad quote). If anything, they comment on your shop if it completely wrong and/or a pain for them to edit.

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I have lived with 'beg forgiveness, not permission' for forty-plus yearssmiling smiley For me, it has worked just fine.
Worse case, they'll contact you or put comments on the comment section regarding that section of your report. Just learn as you go, don't take offense and make note of it so when doing a similar report, you'll know what they want.
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