Mintel Trade Show Survey

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I am not sure, but I participated in a trade show shop earlier this year and it was the easiest $75 I have ever made! Be sure to get a map of venders as soon as you check in so that you can easily locate your target. Otherwise you will waste a lot of time looking around.
It should be attached when you sign up. I haven't got copies of my old emails but I think the guidelines and survey are easy to check in an attachment when you accept the shop. It's very quick and easy to do these.
I've done several of these. Mintel is a great company and the instructions are pretty clear. You're given a photo of your target so you don't have to guess. This is their job, and the targets all know exactly what they're supposed to be doing. It's one where you get to catch people doing the right things. Because of the time it takes me to get there and park, the money is just so-so; however, I only take the ones whose trade shows are interesting. It makes for a fun day.

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