Are Chev-Tex gas stations disappearing in your area?

I have noticed, in the past few months, many of these gas stations have either changed to a different brand or have shut down completely. Is it just my area or is it happening everywhere?


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Not in my area. That's pretty common though, and could be for several reasons. A lot of times a distributor will distribute multiple brands. As stations' contracts expire they will rewrite a short contract so they will end up with several stations' contracts all expiring at the same time. Then they'll switch them to a different brand all at once. Or a station owner may have 5 or 6 stations and do the same thing in order to switch distributors all at once.

For instance after Deepwater Horizon BP sold most of their contracts in the gulf states to Marathon, because they knew it would be years before they would be able to out market the bad publicity. In the past year some of those contracts have expired and I've seen several pockets of stations in the gulf states switching back to BP because they liked them better.

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Thank you bgriffin, I did not know about any of that and appreciate the explanation. It must be contract time here.

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