When you get that harsh grader/editor -- and they aren't grasping this here English... ugh!

My shop instructions for a restaurant allow me to spend up to $17 including up to a $2 tip for a carry out/pick up order. What's even better is no one local does these so I watch as it tickers up to a $29 bonus. Yay!

I pay $15.56 and put the $2 tip on the receipt. I go over a few cents but the order I get/want always does and I am okay with that $17 max payout and just letting the $0.56 eat into my pocket... if you can really say it does. I went through my logs and I've done at least 4 of these a month for the last six months, although not always for that great bonus.

I usually see "great report, immediately able to be submitted, clear photos, detailed information, grade of 10, followed directions perfectly" blah blah blah. Today, I get back a shop grade of 7.

The editor says (I copied and pasted here for your pleasure) "directions say enter total amount of receipt. You enter the total the tip. Because of this, you receive a grade 7 because of errors I had fix." Hmmm, how come on that there input form it says to please enter the total amount spent on receipt plus up to a $2 tip mister editor guy? I wrote back a reply saying "Thank you for editing so quickly. When I reviewed my instructions today, the instructions said 'reimbursement of up to $17 including a $2 tip' and that's what I spent. Did I input something incorrectly? I followed the instructions on the attached guidelines but I'm unsure what I did wrong on the report form. Did I input a number incorrectly or was there something else wrong that I did to get 3 demerit points on my shop score? Again, I appreciate the feedback and thank you for such a quick turnaround." Sign my name, etc.

Was a little math problem worth a full 3 points off if I did in fact enter it wrong? (I did not based on their rule of a max pay of $17 which includes the $2 tip) I coulda inverted a number... would not be the first time a little typo got into a report -_-

"No instruction say we pay $17 not include tip." The end. No signing, no salutations, just this broken reply. Not even going to argue further since it's approved and I only apparently lose out on the tip amount/ $1.44 but dang it with you mister obviously ESL editor guy.

My grammar and sentence structure definitely warrant a point or two knocked off now and again, but I couldn't help but wonder if maybe this was more because I noticed an obvious lack of staffing and waited a total of 58 minutes on my "you're order will be ready in 15 minutes" order... oh, and instead of 2 rings, it took 3 phone calls and 8 rings on the last call to finally reach an obviously agitated associate to place the order. Ah well, got our dinner, $29 fee, and a complimentary drink from a nice waitress.

ETA: All of my past reports have reimbursement at $17 at the bottom and I always spend the same $17.56 on this order. -_- This one says $15.56 RAARGH. I don't want my shop grade average to take a hit if this fellow is going to be editing these things from here on out, but I also don't want to keep losing that little pocket change either if it's in their guidelines.


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They accepted your report and will be paid. Assuming that grade 7 won't hinder you from future opportunities, I would've smirked at the review comments and moved on without replying back to the editor.

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It's not much money to stress over, but for shoppers doing 100-200 shops a month, it could add up if every editor cost them that little $1.44. The lowest grade I have is a couple of 9's here and there. Everything else is solid 10 :-(

Okay, but from your experience, every editor is NOT like that. Hence, your experience in averaging 9-10's.

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 28 year old male and willing to travel! Badged for Denver International Airport.
I would absolutely call and request a supervisor review the sloppy editing job, the sloppy perception of the guidelines of the shops guidelines for reimbursement as well as the responses you have receive via email. You betcha your score could affect future assignments, it may not but why take the chance. Obviously, no reason to get huffy about it but I wouldn't let it go until someone gave me a thumbs up, or down, who sounded like they knew what they were talking about.

I don't mind esl peeps calling me and offering to give me a couple of bucks more for a shop and repeating the guidelines but touching my reports and fouling them up? uh, no!
If it were just a single bad score I would, and have, begrudgingly let it go. I would not so quickly drop the $1.44 dock in pay unless the MSC is giving me a lot of other work that I don't want to jeopardize.
If you were right and the editor was wrong, bring it someone's attention. The editor is going to pull the same thing on other shoppers if not corrected. It isn't even just the score or the amount your pay was docked, it is the principle. We always encourage shoppers to own their mistakes. I am not going to encourage one to own someone else's mistake.

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I sent an email to a scheduler with the company and they said they would check into it for me. On a plus note, I did manage to get a couple of shops this week on a bonus for a total of $150 and some free merch. All the past reports of the same store were in for the full $17. The score is irksome but mostly just the whole idea of

*The shopper is always wrong and the MSC/Editor/Scheduler is always right* mentality is what bugs me about this particular bunch.

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