Is there life after Marketforce?

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Why is BestMark one of your top 3? Do they pay job fees now? Most of their shops were reimbursement only; no job pay when I did some a few shops for them 9 years ago.
Bestmark has some car service and sales shops that pay a fee, but for the service shops it's make, model, and mileage specific. I don't drive the right brand and I don't feel the sales shops pay enough. That's just me.
Intellishop while a good company, is notorious for low fees. If that were the best I could do after MF gave me the ax I'd quit shopping altogether.

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
Agreed, CQ. I will do the pizza shops for IS with a bonus, though. Matter of fact this week there should be some with a high enough bonus that I will do them.

Lately I have been doing some quick and easy (no really) shops for Alta Research that have added an extra $400-$500 a month to my income. I can knock a round of those out in about 10 days without ever driving more than 20 miles from home.

Edited to add that I use them as fillers in between other types of shops such as post office shops. It makes for perfect little gas saving mini routes.

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It's interesting to read about the deactivations for use of tolls, So far I have not gotten any notices about that, but I use parking and tolls on only maybe 2% of my reports and the amounts are negligible, usually 75 cent tolls or $1.50 parking. Frankly, I've always been very surprised MF pays these as most other companies do not. And, when they lowered their fees, I expected them to stop paying for tolls and parking, and I was very surprised when they continued. I'm guessing collecting these on a high percentage of shops or a large overall dollar amount might be setting off an alarm. Those who have received this notice, how much monthly are you collecting from tolls/parking? On what percentage of your reports do you add tolls or parking?

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I think Mountain Cacher was racking up a good bit of tolls because she shops along the toll roads. Can't be helped. I don't know of any others really.
Our area has an interstate that wanted to pay off through tolls, and then there was talk/is talk of intersection with some old mountain coal roads and such. The tolls actually doubled, which was unfortunate. There are 3 main booths along the interstate that start at $2 a toll and go all the way up to $12+ depending on the type of vehicle you are using on that particular day. There are also a 4 small booths along the routes that are up to $0.80 each and you toss your change in to get through them. Alternatively, you have no money you get a ticket/bill and it's 4x's the cost of the darn toll. I've thrown pennies in before until it turned green. When you go through all 4 of them and on the return trip, that $6.40 can add up on you without a receipt. I took photos of everything I could but they kept sending those emails about receipts. Meh. I am going to get the dang EZ pass but even so, the person who finally replied told me that they had reports from shoppers saying it could take 24-48 hours for the toll authority online at times. *le sigh* The eastern seaboard area is full of these here toll booths. KY & WV have them all crammed in a small area. I can dodge a bunch when I'm on my own time and dime, but with shopping many stores are just stuck in between with no way around.

Perhaps MF is cracking down on excessive toll/parking reimbursements from shoppers? Maybe their formula factors in certain thresholds for tolls/parking usage. It might also include how many regular shop fee shops a person does versus only bonused shops? Error/rejection rate could be another parameter of the formula. Once a shopper hits the magic's bye bye shopper!

Thank goodness I'm too stupid to be mental!
Love the theories about MSCs.

I found a fabulous fee from one of the companies that some shoppers tell us to shun due to low fees. It was a thousand miles away. But it was fabulous! I made do with little assignments closer to home.

So much depends upon where we live and where we are willing to go.

Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you. —Langston Hughes

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Bestmark is good for phone and web shops. yes, they do pay extra fees sometimes like for movies and sometimes automotive shops
@jboa13 wrote:

I messed up three times and got dumped. I am not sure what to do.

Find another company and try not to mess up.
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