Anyone else not able to give away any Sunoco gas cards?

Well, my week is wrapping up and I'm 11 for 11 on gas card giveaway being a big 0 right now. Many of these stations didn't have a scrap of advertising materials, and even though I have a vest, the proper shirt and pants, and my own hat (I had it approved, LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS) .... people were skeptic of me.

Now, it's Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia so y'all know folks are friendly but people were clueless and many stations didn't have a sticker holder or decals either. Anyone else not giving out any gas cards? At one stop, I had time between shops and even stayed a second hour just 'cause.

Oh, and I received two more cards in the mail today for my last location...Wouldn't it be something if I were able to give out all 12 cards at this last station next week?


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Wow, I've never had it that bad. Can't imagine how bored you have been for those 11 hours! No signage explains it though. I'd say about 50%, maybe not even that, of my visits have had no winners.
On a few locations, I sat even longer determined to give someone some free gas. Pretty much same turn out as last year.

Last year, I completed a few that did not have any customers at all, but had others that I gave away 10 cards. I completed reports for previous stores while waiting at the empty stores.
I had one location where I gave away two cards, and another I gave away four cards. The other dozen or so...nada.

Shopping the Ohio Valley and all around the tri-state area (Pittsburgh, PA; Parkersburg, WV and Columbus, OH.)
I was sent two cards which were gone in a half hour. I had another eligible pull in, but nothing to give her.
I asked this on another thread...The Sunoco Spotter Shenanigans post...I didn't receive any replies, so I'll try here. The scheduler has sent me gas cards that she has put sticky notes on designating them to certain locations. Pfffft. I did not get enough cards to begin with, so I just started using whatever cards I had at locations whose due dates were coming up first.
So far, the 5 I have done have been received and gone through editing...all got a grade of 10. Hoping that what I did is not going to be a nightmare at the end of the program.
I dont think they know either. When I returned items, I included a sheet with a listing of total cards, and shop# with how many cards were given out per location. I took a pic of cards, vest and list and sent to scheduler before I returned.
I haven't gotten a return envelope either. I picked up two more for a large bonus since someone apparently flaked. I wonder if I'll get two more cards? I hope I can get some winners but I've already passed by both of these gas stations. One of them has the stickers as their only advertising material and the other has nada. Oh, and I saw the decals slapped all over signs and guardrails in the town that had decals.

You guys all got vests? Wow. I have 3 locations coming up, and all i got were 6 grocery store cards. No return envelope, no vest or hat. I was supposed to do the shops this past weekend, but I just got the materials today (Monday). I did one last year, and it was better organized. And i was out of cards in 10 minutes!
Did my first of two shops; nine cars pumped gas. Gave away no cards, but at least four drivers asked the cashier what I was doing. One lady came out, sticker in HAND and said "Now you can give me a card!" I sorrowfully explained that the sticker had to be permanently attached to the vehicle. She and the other drivers told me that no way were they putting stickers of any kind on their cars.
I performed one on Friday and the store had constant traffic, no stickers. They did not have the contest signage anywhere, though, so I wasn't too surprised. It was only 90 degrees in the shade, so that hour went by quickly. (not)
Of course we have the other extreme that I have run into... the owner giving out stickers and telling customers too put them on their cars! One location, I stayed completely busy for what I considered a farce... And then some of those people calling friends/family to do the same! A complete mockery. I just love it when I approach an unsuspecting real participant! Its fun to make someobody's day with a little gift card!

Did my second shop. Nothing for 1/2 an hour then gave away the two cards designated for the site within 15 minutes, Before I could leave the pump area, two more cars came in with stickers. I gave those two cars the unused cards from the day before. As soon as the forth winner signed their form, I said a hasty goodbye and thanks to the manager and got out of there . I was there for exactly one hour.

Doing the reports with winners took forever with scanning and uploading the photos. If I had had more than four winners the big bonus for doing these shops would have ended up being just slightly better than minimum wage.

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