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I know this is a rookie question but I am thinking about expanding and starting gas station audits. My question is, how often are gas stations audited? Mostly interested in Exxon, Shell and BP.

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They are all different. Some are monthly, some are quarterly, some are just a one time random. There are so many in my area that I do not keep track of how often they come back.

If you want some easy ones to start off with, start with the ones on Market Force that say "mystery shop". They are the easiest and are the first step on the regular gas stations. Once you get used to those, then you do the ones that say "mystery shop" AND "audit" (which have additional pictures added to the form for the mystery shop). Once you learn this process, then you should be ready. However, every brand is slightly different so save those documents to your tablet and use while doing the revealed audit.

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I know on the marathon and citgos they are monthly but have a rotation limitation. one month on, one month off. To keep a steady stream I do half one month and a different set the next month-then back to the first set.
Phillips and Conoco seem to be every other month and then a break for a month or then all over again. Or maybe I have just missed something in my quick skimming.
Exxon and Shell are quarterly shops. Generally you can only do them every other quarter, as they rotate with another shopper. They will sometimes break this rotation if they are short of auditors in your area. I don't know about BP, I don't do them.
Are the audits every other month or do you not see them because you are out of rotation and not eligible? From what I recall years ago, those brands were once a quarter. The MSC would release half the first month of the quarter and half the second month.

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Most Exxons by me are monthly. A small percentage are quarterly.
All BPs and Shells are quarterly, with one extra concurrent special round of BPs annually.
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