Marketforce - how to display more shops per page??

When searching for marketforce jobs, 5 jobs at a time are displayed. I have to "change" the number of jobs on the screen and hit enter a second time to override this limit of 5 jobs per screen. Does anyone know if there is a way to permanently change my profile to display more than 5 jobs per screen? Thanks.

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I just hit "5" and it shows 55 shops. smiling smiley I don't know how to get that to stick to that number though.
Here's what I do....Let's say MF shows you have 87 shops available, but only those 5 are showing up (Drives me crazy, BTW!). At that little box that shows "5" under the 5 shops, place your cursor to the LEFT of the "5" and type in, in this case, a "9" mind you, you NEVER SEE THE NUMBER YOU TYPE IN!!! THAT drives me crazy, too!!!! But anyhow, in this case, within 5-7 seconds of typing in the "9", you now see "95" showing up in the number box, not "5" anymore. So since there are 87 shops available, you can see them all on one page.

OR....if you had, say 56 shops available, then you could put your cursor to the RIGHT of the "5" and type in a 6, even though you won't see it (at least I don't). Then within a few seconds, the number "56" shows up in the box and you can see all the shops on one page.

There have been times when MF showed I had 138 shops available, but only those 5 showed up. So I typed to the LEFT of the number "5" the number "14", which again, you WON'T see!! (At least not on my laptop!). Within a few seconds, the number available for me to see on one page changes from "5" to "145", and since the number available to me is 138, I see them all on one page. Then I click on "Address" to see them by City (just my preference).

So, I hope that just drives me nuts that MF has all these nutty hoops to go through so we can make the shops easier to view for us!! You know, in the "Preferences", MF found a way for us to opt out of seeing the Map....why can't they find a way in Preferences to indicate how many shops we want to see on one page???

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Like the other comments, you put the cursor in the box where the 5 is and you can change it, just like any other document. I usually use 10. I don't know why you others can't see it, but I do. To view all of the shops that come up, you have to use the scroll bar at the right side of the displayed list, not the one on the main computer screen. If you don't see it, it might be because of the web browser that you are using. I use Windows Internet.
Their app, Eyes On, displays all of the available shops without having to change anything. It would seem to be an easy fix to have the same default view on their web site.
Click on "hide the maps", the job page opens wider. At the top of the inital page , we can see the number of shops present in our radius. I think the default the page always start with 5. We can change that as mentioned above. If we close the website it defaults back to five. If the shop indicate there are 175 shops in my area, then I add one eight or more to the left of 5. Now it says 185 shops. I just want to look at all the shops on "one" page. tongue sticking out smileytongue sticking out smiley

Now if I want to look at or assign shop, I look at the details. The page will return to the place where I left off on the page.

Apps is not for everybody use, so I can't speaks for what the app does or do not do. smiling smiley
I do not add numbers to that little number of shops I can see. Just highlight the box and type in the total number of shops you have available. In my area with a 15 miles radius there are often hundreds of shops.
My issue, which I hope someone knows how to fix, is that I can only see 2-3 shops at a time as the info box is so big on each one. Then I need to scroll down slowly so I do not miss anything hidden between the 50 coffee shops and the next big category. I would prefer to be able to see a pageful on each click of the scroll bar that included at least 20 shops that I could then expand if I am interested. Looking at the 235 shops I sometimes have this slow scroll way is really annoying.
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