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Just finished my first three assignments ever so I suppose I'm officially a Mystery Shopper (yay me!), but it is a little confusing writing the reports and would appreciate some feedback. I did two hardware stores where the report asked how was I greeted, did they smile and make eye contact, etc. etc. and went straight into questions like did they seem knowledgeable, did they lead me to the product or just point, etc. The problem is the greeter was just the cashier who paged someone else from the store to help. How do I distinguish that the person they want me to answer questions on the greeting stuff isn't the same associate that did the rest of the stuff? Do I omit the cashier stuff at the beginning and jump right into the associate that helped me when doing the report and not worry about the cashier until the end section when it asks specifically about when I was checking out? How do I report if I had to ask a couple of people for help before I finally got the right department? Do I only report what the questionnaire asks specifically and not talk about everyone else I may have talked to?

Also, if the company tells me I submitted a negative report, do I get chances to edit it properly so it meets their standards of reporting or is it just a one shot deal?

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Yes, in some cases you have a one shot and that is it. You need to make sure your report is complete and that all the guidelines were followed and every no answer has be addressed in your report. I have completed thousands of assignments since 2003. The companies that do allow you to clarify your report expect you to respond within a few hours after they email you. You need to manage your shop until you receive a score or indication that the shop has been accepted.

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If at the end they ask for a summary, then do just that. Touch on your visit from beginning to end.

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Your most reliable solution is to contact mystery shopping company and ask them the questions. Shoppers can give great advice in general, but you don't know if it pertains to your shop unless you contact the scheduler or some one else at the company.
Answer each question based on the person who did fill that role on this visit. In the narrative, clarify who you are referring to in each interaction description. You could even email the scheduler for instructions. Something like TM 1 (Team Member #1) can be used for unknown names. Give a physical description if possible. I usually don't write up any extra interactions unless they pertain to the report questions. A "negative" report (meaning they did not perform very well) is valid as long as you explain each "no" answer. Usually (with a few exceptions) your full report will not be returned to you for corrections. You'll just get an email asking for the missing details.

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