Gas station audit

Hello seasoned shoppers...

It has been a while since I did an audit, I usually decline. But, today my scheduler who also knows how much I am skiddish with the audits asked if I would do one. I appreciate all the shops this scheduler gets me so I said yes. So now...I call on you fellow shoppers.... any words of wisdom? The last time I did one I received emails about the angle of the canopy pictures I took. I appreciate your imput, the shop/audit is for tomorrow. And have any used their phone app and phone camera to complete? I didn't have app when I did the last audit.

Edited to say it is for Phillip 66. Thanks for any imput. Nothing is to small or insignificant, all comments welcome!

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Take a picture of the canopy while standing under it and then one off to the side like an overall station shop. Unless it has something wrong with it. Then more is better. When are they going to start asking for Drone shots?
It all depends on the station - the brand. You did not mention the MSC so you can mention the brand. Perhaps someone then can give you some feedback.
I complete these on my phone. When I first started, I had downloaded the guidelines to my tablet so I could check it if I had a question on one of the questions. You need two canopy shots, one from each angle, each showing two sides of the canopy. If there are vendor signs (Marlboro and other tobacco signs) tied to the bollards be sure to take a picture of those. You can do it!
Just when in doubt pictures pictures pictures. It's better to have too many than not enough. I have even been questioned about the Squeegees that was showing in a picture because I said no to the question about them. luckly I had a picture from a different angle that showed that it was actually a broom. So you can never have too many pictures and keep them until you are paid or if you have enough storage keep them stored by location and then date.
I completed my first one for Maritz. They told me to call during my shop if I had any questions. I did and they don't know the guidelines, do I need three employee photos? the report thinks so and I can't get back into the review portion or save for later on that screen. The last one said they aren't supposed to be helping me with these and that, because I was calling and asking questions, I was manipulative. wt heck? I was just calling because they said I could, geeze. And, she hung up on me! I out the counter photo in each, they can sort it out. Each call was more twilight then the last.
One of the brands I do for Mariitz requests a photo of the attendant's shirt/torso but not a full photo. I think this is the brand you are referring to. What I do is take 1 picture of the torso and take a quick 2nd shot (closer up or zoomed) showing the name tag and shirt. The 3rd question in reference to the employee photo asks if the new type of uniform was worn. I submit picture 1 for the 1st question and 3rd question and photo 2 for the 2nd question. There have been instances when I was able to take only 1 picture and submitted it for all 3 questions and have had the report accepted. If this is totally confusing then we are probably not talking about the same brand.

I am very surprised that they referred to you as manipulative and said they are not supposed to help you. That's one of the reasons they are there. My experience with Maritz is that the schedulers have always been responsive and helpful. Some are simply more skilled and aware than others. I won't mention anything about senior citizens as discussed many times on this forum.
I agree with LIJake, I take two photos of the cashier. So, I end up uploading one twice. Three separate photos of the cashier is excessive when it can be seen from the shots I have whether he is wearing a name tag or a certain shirt.
It would have been nice if the guidelines would have said to take three photos of the cashier, or of the counter in this case. I didn't download the guidelines because I didn't expect to do another shop for them unless everything went well. My mf ones are coming up so I don't have time unless it's really bonus'd. The offered me $40 to drive 75 miles for one station audit. Uh, no.
I mean, I didn't download the guidelines to keep on my computer. I was able to 'print' the form on my phone to get the ridiculous security code. I was at that gas station a total of 17 minutes. These are extremely simple and so is the report once you know what's on it.
I got the new note 8 and I can take a panoramic pic of the restroom, my first restroom pic. I would need a different app than I downloaded from the playstore to reduce the pics to 640x480. Dem some small arse pics!
Since the guidelines for Maritz ask for just one picture of the employee, I take one picture and submit it 3x because all 3 questions can be answered by the same photo. The cashier photo is the only photo that is not listed as "If no, take a picture." because you have to take a picture regardless.The cashier is wearing what they're wearing and if no visible name tag is on the shirt, they're not wearing it and if there's no logo on the shirt that's evident too.
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