Wanting to Give My Teacher and A+ and Praise Kathy Hart at Clear Evaluations

Kathy and I began working together about 3 years ago I believe when I first got my own covert camera, a PV500 L3. I performed a video shop for Clear Evaluations, and it was a total disaster. Having been familiar with the equipment as it had been loaned to me for several jobs by EPMS, I felt that I was an expert at video shopping...well to my dismay, Kathy was not in the least impressed. As a matter of fact, I chatted so familiarly with the Customer Representative that she opened up to me on video and said she would allow her children to smoke pot, drink, and experiment at home where they would be safe as to turn them out on their own. WEll, of course, this could NOT be sent to the client AT ALL....it could have cost the Rep her job! No to mention, I believe that I did more talking than the Rep did, which did not allow her to do her spill as she showed me the apartment property that day. Kathy promptly emailed me and was brutally honest.....I was almost in tears. I have always been sociable, and at times I tend to talk TOO much, especially when I am nervous. Kathy began her email and even phoned me to make sure I understood she was not bashing me, but merely guiding me to be a better video shopper and a better shopper all around. After so many video shops under my belt, I second guessed myself at being a mystery shopping pro....being in the field for about 2 years at the time. Kathy has given me chances and chances to shop for her, all the while making note where I should focus, reminding me NOT TO TALK TOO MUCH, and telling me she totally understood this was a personality trait, but in video shopping we are all actors on the stage and do not portray our true identities, but become performers for the MSC's.

Kathy has been patient, professional, remains able to contact at all times and is easily reachable. She responds to emails promptly, and most importantly she cares about the mystery shoppers and the MSC's and wants us all to succeed. I could blather on and on about the wonderment of this lady who, BTW, can help you with alterations for a small fee when you get your own covert equipment (guys help me out with the web address that directs you to Kathy's alterations if you could). She is beyond amazing as she has made this 47-year-old woman learn new and innovative tricks. My hat is off to you Kathy Hart, you kind and caring woman, for your patience as well as the headaches you have endured with me as I am sure you have been banging your head against a brick wall having to watch these ill performances we call video shops...LOL. I just wanted to publicly thank this woman for being a top-notch teacher! Clear Evaluations expects the best, and by golly, they have one of the best with Kathy behind the wheel! Bless you, dear woman!!!!

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I can PM you the email address on the flyer I got from her at an IMSC conference (I didn't see a web address on it) along with the address and other details for sending a shirt in for alteration.
This is why many video shoppers have declared that the would walk on hot embers for Kathy.

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Yeah, so I PMed you that info so it wasn't posted on a public message board, Monica. Otherwise I would have posted it in the forum. Why did you think I PMed you? The reason I didn't post it on a public forum even though it is info she gives out at IMSC conferences is because at the conferences, everyone is a shopper. On the Internet, not everyone is, and there are plenty of spammers and other unsavory types who should not have access to her name, address, phone number, and email addresses.
JAS, I reported the post. Hopefully the mods will remove all that information.

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