Warning, RANT ahead!

I recently signed up with a few new MSCs to see what else could be available in my area. I get a call from a scheduler asking me if I could do a shop for a local sandwich shop. I said I would even though it was not for much pay because it was near my home. They call again the next day asking if I could do 2 more at locations not too far and I agreed to do them. I went online to confirm the dates, times and locations. A few hours later they call back and ask if I could change the time from lunch to dinner on of one of the shops, I said that I would and after we hung up I logged on to view the new time and saw that they changed the location to one all the way across town. It was the same street name just all the way on the other side of town and the date was not the same! I declined the shop because it was not the date and location that I agreed to.
Within an hour he calls back being extremely nasty telling me that I can't decline it after I agreed to do it. I explained that he changed the date and location, he argued with me. I said that I have confirmation emails showing what the date and location was for all the shops I agreed to. I told him that it is not worth driving that far and I only agreed to the locations close to my home because the pay is not much. He said that it was only 8 miles more, 16 miles round trip added. I said at dinner time during rush hour is much more time and gas! I told him that I can just cancel all of them if it is going to be an issue. He calmed down and said that he will change back the date and location of my shop.
I am not getting a good feeling about this company. Sigh.
Thanks for letting me vent!

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Good for you standing your ground. He is probably desperate. I don't know if it might have changed your mind, but you might have offered to do where and when he wanted for a BIG bonus. I hate driving any distance during rush hour myself so it would definitely have to be a big one for me, but if he wanted to offer $50, I might reconsider.

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Sounds like it worked out for you. I would be very careful with this company based on the way the scheduler acted with you. Even more so, continue to get everything in writing from them when needed. It's the only way to keep them honest. You handled it perfectly !
I didn't realize there were so many sassy forum members. I didn't reading the usernames carefully enough and couldn't figure out why sassy replied as if she were a stranger to herself. smiling smiley
I would also email the owner and let them know of their schedulers dishonesty and slick tactics. I'm sure no reputable msc would want someone like that representing their company.

The audacity of him.
He was REALLY nasty! His voice was raised (almost yelling) it was awful! He had a very thick accent from India or somewhere. It makes me wonder if they have them contracted overseas. The whole thing was very odd.
Thank you all for your encouraging words and letting me vent! IT HELPED!
There are certainly companies who use India, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, and beyond as their schedulers. I've been guilty of just letting voicemail handle ones I know aren't my USA schedulers. There's often rudeness, language barriers, and penny pinching with some companies in particular who choose to go this route for schedulers. As a general rule, I don't mind communicating with individuals who are ESL but when it comes to a select few MSC I know the drill and will let the voicemail handle those bad boys.

@DareWright wrote:

Who is the msc?
I don't want to throw anyone under the bus. I will see how the shops go and if I get paid.

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I had one call me and same problem- it wasn't worth my time and gas. I said I had a prior commitment and he just completely ignored what I said. I tried being as nice as I could be I kept saying NO... I can't. Until I finally said, I'm sorry, I can't- and I hung up.
Good for you! I once had a scheduler that was just like what you described. He was ignorant and bossy. I can't even remember what MSC he worked for.
@SassyShoppin wrote:

@DareWright wrote:

Who is the msc?
I don't want to trow anyone under the bus. I will see how the shops go and if I get paid.

I don't see it as throwing anyone under the bus... I'm curious.
I'm sorry they were so rude to you. That's just unacceptable. My advice ** RUN Forrest RUN ** ! They don't get any better. They will call and call and call and call ... 3, 4, 5 times per day. FYI-They use fake local numbers when you don't answer their 800 line. Anything goes with this company.
I have read this thread and don't understand why anyone would put up with someone yelling at you. I assume that the vast majority of members of this forum are adults and want to be treated as such. There are hundreds of different MSC's in business and from my experience, most are honest and considerate. Yes every organization has bad apples and if you don't like their attitudes ignore them or hang up on them.

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OP - sorry to hear you had that experience. Sadly, I never, ever take phone calls. I only respond to texts and emails. Karma is a B and maybe that scheduler will get a dose of his own medicine someday!

I agree with the poster above who suggested reaching out to the owner of the MSC. One bad apple can ruin a whole business. Good luck and chin up. smiling smiley
I've had to do that. Afterwards, sent an email to the company (of the scheduler) explaining that when I'm Not Interested, by all means, offer me more money. When I say I'm Not Available, it means I can't be in two places at once and you don't have enough money to offer me to do the shop. Haven't had any more calls like that.
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