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PayPal is really pushing their instant transfer of funds from your PayPal account to your eligible debit card in 30 minutes for just $0.25. If you need the money that quickly I'm sure you're willing to pay it. I, however, am not and while there was a reference to their free transfer, the default is to charge you the quarter. It took calling them to find out that the way to transfer the balance to your bank without charge is to click on the drop-down arrow in the "Transfer To" box. Your debit card will be shown in the box, but when you click on the down arrow, you'll see your linked bank accounts. If you select your bank account, then there is no charge and you'll receive your funds in approximately 24 hours (subject to review).

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I don't know. So far I've only gotten one payment since they started pushing the instant transfer. I'll let you know next week when another round of payments are due.
You can choose every time. I paid for it once just because I was curious, and it was literally in my account in about 10 minutes.
I've never had a problem with Pay Pal. I just transfer my money to my business account, only takes a day or two.
You have to do that for every transaction.

@hnov29 wrote:

Does that mean it transfers every time or do you have to do it for each transaction?

The internet doesn't make you smart. It makes you good at regurgitation.
There's already a thread about every topic.

@MSNinja wrote:

there is already thread about this from less than month ago.


The internet doesn't make you smart. It makes you good at regurgitation.
we artent supposed to start new threads when current one is still going on. then again everyone is talking politics in forum these days.
Not everyone is talking politics.

The internet doesn't make you smart. It makes you good at regurgitation.
I made a transfer of $300 on Thursday around 5:15 PM and it still hasn't came through. I didn't use the speedy transfer option but in the past it was only a 24 hour process, often times an 8 hour process. Wonder if they're going to start delaying transfers as a push towards the $0.25 or if it was a fluke... I didn't need the money but wanted to pad my travel budget just in case. Still watching to see if it makes it through to my bank.

@MSNinja wrote:

there is already thread about this from less than month ago.


Thank you, but this thread addresses the new issue that the $0.25 is now the DEFAULT setting for transfer to your linked debit card, and it's not necessarily intuitive on how to use the free transfer to your bank account. If you look back, you'll see that I posted on the original thread. I believe this thread has a different purpose.
I transferred funds yesterday after 3 pm. They are in my account now. Because I don't have a card linked to PayPal, mine only shows the option to transfer to my bank.

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I also never had trouble with paypal, in my account in one or two days. I have no card linked to account, that may be the problem.

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For some reason, I've had a PayPal debit card for several years. I think I got it when I sold something on ebay, but honestly I'm not sure.

I just spend the money on the card when I get paid by the MSCs that use PayPal. It may not be for everyone, but it works great for me. They send me an email every time it's used, which I really like.

Again, I don't know how I got it, but it works great. If you're interested you might want to check into it.
my checking acct earns interest so all my $$ goes in there. then i spend $$ using various cc that earn rewards which in turn can be deposited back into checking acct w.xtra bonus $$ by bank for doing so.
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