Too thankful?

So, I thank people - a lot. I thank them when they give me a receipt or my food or answering a question. And then the question appears on the form, "Did the sales associate thank you for coming in?" Argh. No, because I thanked them first! So, all they said was that I was welcome. Anybody else do this? Any suggestions on how to bite my tongue and not thank everyone to see if they will thank me first?

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I had this challenge too. Its a learning curve to not immediately say thank you. Sometimes i still forget but its a work in progress.
I find not many say thank you, usually have a good evening , a good day, especially in restaurants. I bit my tongue as I always say thank you, but after so many years, can control what I say....just takes time.

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I do it too and I have been shopping for 17 years. If there is a "NA" box to check, I do that and then explain in the comments that I said, "Thank you" first and that the employee said, "You're welcome" or some other pleasant reply. I do the same if I have to answer "No" for that question because there is no "NA" option.
Video shopping helped to break me of that habit, somewhat. It also taught me to be much more quiet and reserved than I am in real lifesmiling smiley

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Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
Some people don't know how to say thank you at all.

One time Someone asked me a question and I answered it. As they were leaving I said Your welcome.
I do it ALL the time and cannot break the habit of doing so. I beat myself up afterwards. Must concentrate and stop....
I still thank people on my recorded calls but what I've learned to do is pause first. Allow them the chance to say something. If they don't, I feel like I've received the okay to thank them. As for in person, it's trickled over a little but it's still definitely a hard habit to break.

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Good manners can make our MS lives hard sometimes. smiling smiley

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But don't you find it interesting how often we are the only one in the interaction who has good manners?smiling smiley

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
I do phone shops and I used to say "Thank you" first. Force of habit..Now, I wait for the associate to thank me. Bit of an awkward pause. Sometimes gets too awkward as the associates get irritated and ask "Ma'am, is there anything else you need?"..And that is my cue to say "No, Thank you."

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I was going to start a thread about this too! I find myself thanking folks first and I’m trying to pause before I do so. I like your suggestion JASFLAMAT and will include that in my reports when I flub up. I can remember when the clerk would almost always say “thank you for shopping at *****.” Now it’s mostly “want your receipt with you or in the bag?” or “here ya go.”

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I've had a lot of trouble with this, too; I'm very polite when interacting with strangers, servers, and CSRs. I've been re-training myself to say, "Okay, great," instead:
*Ready for the phone call to end* "Okay, great."
*Gets handed a receipt* "Okay, great."
*Drink gets refilled by server* "Thank... uh, okay, great... uh, I mean awesome. That wasn't awkward."

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Yes, I say thank you a lot. I still do it, although I have tried to pause and let the asssociate lead the interaction. I have paused on phone calls and got a response similar to what Mum wrote.
I, too, have to remember to be careful not to say "thank you" first. I find that many young people nowadays will just say "there ya go," and if I say "thank you," they say "yep."
I always say Thank You for service or when I buy sometrhing but I have learn to wait a few second to see if they are going to. In the meantime I put my money or card back in my purse.
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