Y'all ever get the scheduler who offers a shop but doesn't tell you that you got it?

I'm not mad or anything, but the last few times a certain scheduler has messaged me through email or text, I've made counter offers/offers to their assignments but the phone or email went to crickets... except when I got the assignment notification later that day in my inbox.

0_o gimme a little "GREAT! I GOT YOU ASSIGNED!" or something :-) Also, happy to get a $40 shop after work tomorrow. Easy Peasy.


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I agree, an email or text would be appreciated. Most of the schedulers I work with do let me know that they have assigned the shop.
It could be worse.

Texting with a scheduler, I say something like, "Maybe next week. Will let you know." Scheduler texts, "Great! I have your scheduled for next Monday. If that doesn't work, I can change it to Wednesday. Thnx."

This actually happened to me.
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