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Thankfully, most MSCs reply to shop applications right away - which is great because then you can get your shops lined up on your personal calendar. Others appear to wait days to respond or not at all. A couple times I saw something else in the meantime and grabbed it. I ended up going back in to try to cancel the earlier application. I don't have as much time in MSing as most of you do - how do you handle this?

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Yeah, sometimes I plan a route for all day Saturday, and I don't know until Saturday night whether I'd be up for doing it again the next day, Sunday. Unfortunately, the MSP with Sunday bank shops doesn't respond during the weekend. If I want both days, I've come to realize I have to commit during weekdays to the upcoming weekend. The way I've resolved this for myself is basically only to book both days towards the end of the month when the pay is the highest, and towards the beginning of the month I only book Saturdays. Then, overall, I don't get overwhelmed with too much MS. I also try to keep the Sundays more interesting by throwing in a random 1-3 shops that are types I don't do often, such as a restaurant shop (you have to eat anyway while you're on the road), a club warehouse, a gym shop, or a technology shop. Or, I will do a shop with an MSP I've never done a shop for before just to get the reputation. Often I also grab a pizza take out shop on the way home and munch while filling out reports. So, if you schedule for the higher pay, don't overwhelm yourself, and keep things interesting, then usually you don't end up regretting the commitment.
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