The Sample Narrative was Mine

I picked up a shop I swore off a few months ago and noticed the example they offer as a guideline had changed. So I'm reading thinking wow that seems kind of familiar... wait a minute that's exactly what happened on job x. That's my report! I thought it was kind of impressive till I began writing my new one. All my favorite adjectives and adverbs were in the other report as well as my style and flow. When I wrote my new narrative I struggled to have it not look like I had just copied the sample. It was so much more work!

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Too funny!

I had a similar experience - an email that I had sent to a car dealership ended up in the instructions as a sample email for future shops. I thought I had recognized my writing style, and went back to my "sent" items. The date and time of the email matched.

Always take the high road.
Wow! In some circles that would be frowned upon. Since you are an independent contractor, I guess they own what you submit to them.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Congratulations on writing a narrative that was so good it was stolen by a MSC. Unfortunately your pride of penmanship is no doubt over-ridden by the annoyance of having to re-write it. Now if the MSC only compensated you for your literary talents. Fat chance.
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