California mystery shoppers: How will the increased gas tax affect you?

California will increase its gas tax by $0.12/gallon on November 1st, 2017 (tomorrow). How will this affect you? Will you be doing more or less shops? Will you be asking and negotiating for more bonus amount added to your shop?

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I know the gas tax is going into effect...(I heard), it's a bit over 3.00 now, it will hurt while your stuck on the freeway for ages. I have a 6 cylinder, no wonder electric car sales is taking off...we get a nice rebate for buying, everyone is looking to save on gas. I doubt the MSC's care here in CA, things will stay the same fee wise. They will find shoppers in the area of the shops, not a problem.....I remember years ago it was 5.00 a gallon, big gas
shortage. I predict it goes up to that again.

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It is insignificant. Even if you drive 2000 miles a month, at 25 mpg, that is 80 gallons of gas. You are talking about less than $10 of tax.
The reason gas has gone up a little bit all across the US is actually because Saudi Arabia and OPEC have agreed to keep a cap on oil production. It will likely not go up to $5 a gallon for a very a long time because US shale oil production is off the charts. We have an abundance of oil. A gas tax of .12 cents per gallon isn't going to be that big of a deal.

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Actually it will raise billions throughout the state to fix the highways which is needed.

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Well that's awesome!! As long as that's where the money really goes, LOL. I wish that they would add a gas tax here in Ohio, then. Our state symbol is an orange barrel and the state motto is "road construction ahead" LOL.
When I lived in LA, gas was just over $4 a gallon. It's good to see it went down. I didn't make any changes. I lived in WLA, so I walked most places (easier than finding a parking spot). I had a 25 mile one way commute. There was nothing I could do about that.

I bought my XTerra in 2000. Barrels were $88, and a gallon of gas was just under $1 in NJ. When I left LA in 2009, barrels were $89 and gas was just over $4. I tracked it because I worked as an environmental engineer for a power company. I didn't do it for kicks and grins.

Gas tax doesn't fix highways. If a state meets all of it's air quality metrics (AQMD in CA), then the federal government provides the state with money for road repair.

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WE have environmental taxes that help with roadways. L.A.'s smog has gotten 100% better since I moved here in 1970, was so bad you couldn't breath, we have improved greatly thanks to our laws for the environment. I couldn't say how much will go to improve street/highways, but Coldwater Water Canyon as many others must be fixed, very dangerous the way is is with huge potholes.
CA has been in a bad economy for years so this tax (I believe) will help with repairs. The Govt. doesn't fix our streets, if that were the case we wouldn't be in this situation. Gas was high when there was an oil shortage back
in the day, not a problem now. I could go on and on, about the oil pipeline drilling in Alaska, but this is boring enough.

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It might be earmarked for roads and transportation, but the game is then they just don't fund as much for road repair out of the general fund. Standard procedure when they "earmark" funds for projects. They sold a bill of goods with lottery money to schools. Most people think that schools really benefit from lottery funds, but all they did was not fund as much for schools, so it was basically a wash.
We won't see the change as it will take years. The lottery was a major ripoff and not controlled. This won't make a difference to shoppers, but fixing highways will. My post was more involved as to why our gas tax goes up, opposite to other states. Environmental laws are stricter in CA which is a green state. Shopping, no, it won't matter, but I do think MSC's should take it into account. CA has one of the highest taxes, property included in the nation. Many are opposing it, so to brush it off is not to care. Cost of living keeps going up and people that commute everyday are hurting.

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MSC's have rarely taken the cost of living in CA into account when setting fees. Why would a gas price increase make a difference?
Wouldn't it be great if MSC's took the increase tax into account on our fees! (pipe dream) I've avoided gas station shops but if I change anything it will be adding one in on occasion.

Idea: MSC's start shopping tire and wheel alignment places to help offset the pothole damage to our cars.
In addition to all that other California shoppers have said, the drive to shops for most of us in the big cities is not that far. The time to drive, find parking and walk is the big downside for how much money you make mystery shopping. Yesterday on a new tank of gas my car computer told me I had an overall mileage per hour of 11 after a total of 12 miles of driving. When you spend so much time at 11 mph which is frequent within this city the time issue and the meters and permit parking far outweigh the cost of gas. Aside from that many California drivers have opted to purchase fuel efficient cars so the government write off of around 50 cents a mile give or take each year becomes just a bit smaller for us but still more than covers the costs in a fuel efficient car as long as it is not an expensive brand of car.
I don't drive a lot. My last tank of gas lasted almost 2 months. But still I'm not thrilled with the idea of paying more for that crappy ethanol gas. I am driving today about as far as I'll ever go for a shop, 16 miles each way. I signed up before I knew about the tax. After this, I'll stay under 10 miles.
NJ used to have one of the lowest gas prices in the country until this year when Gov. Christie added a gas tax. Now we're right up there with all the rest. I do my gas station shops, but my $5 in gas barely gets me over a gallon of premium fuel which is what I need for my German luxury, but 12 year old vehicle.

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Lube Up. Bend Over. It hurts far less that way. For those of us who live in CA our car is more important to us than our legs. For us in CA we suck it up and try and save a few pennies elsewhere
It will make me be more interested in politics and pay more attention to what is going on in my state.


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I think 12 cents/gallon is a lot. That's an extra $1.50 when I fill my tank. For me, the tax means I'm keeping my Corolla for shops and ridesharing, rather than upgrading to something nicer but less fuel efficient. And I'll keep buying my gas at Costco, even if the lines are longer.
I notice more and more electric cars, did three in a week, and notice our malls have the places to plug it in while shopping (free). with big incentiiitve's from the Govt. and state to purchase....they drive nicely especially the Hyndai. That's the wave of the future.

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