High End Watch Shop!

Reimbursement: Up to $4,900.00

This alone rings LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of bells. Anybody do these shops in the past (or are they new)? On the ISS platform.

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South Carolina; it was online ship, take photo, re-ship. Seems a little odd to me, especially since I can't find that location (or company, for that matter) via Google.
I haven't done any work for them yet, just asking because this just doesn't sound legit. I mean, buy an expensive watch and ship it somewhere and we'll pay you back? It sounds like the type of scam you hear about on the news.
If you're shipping it back, you don't get to keep the watch at all so isn't it more like a purchase/return?

adding: I know google maps isn't always up to date but the street view photo from Nov 2016 doesn't look very promising. It shows an empty storefront and a dollar store!

If you look up the name of the business, there is a website (with a completely different physical location) that specializes in luxury watches. That business also has very bad yelp reviews regarding their returns & shipping process, so maybe this is the same business but the MSC put down the wrong physical address?

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There was a thread about this a month or two back. Do a search for it. If I remember correctly someone completed the shop and it turned out fine for them.
Great shop! I was able to take advantage of this shop and was able to get a $75 bonus purely due to a 5% rewards!

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 28 year old male and willing to travel! Badged for Denver International Airport.
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