Market force photos to small?

Hi all,
Got a question on marketforce here, submitted a couple gas station shops and got a email back saying that my photos were" too small". I did three together and one was approved and two others were rejected for this reason. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on exactly what "to small"means if it means they need to be reformatted in a different size or they're just too far away from the main statiojn. They did say to send different photos in 24 hours which i did. I have emailed marketforce and have not heard anything back and I'm trying to get this resolved before they reject my shops altogether. Anybody have any ideas please let me know. Thank you

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Return to the station and re-take the pictures. You are dealing with the weekend, time is on your side. If they are going to reject your shop they would have already. MF or any MSC wants to get paid. If they don't get paid, YOU won't get paid.

If your photos are "too small', then whatever they are looking for cannot be seen or to small to make out. How close were you from the Subject.

I, don't know the difference in the pixels with a cell phone or digital camera. But I do know that MF have not question any of the photos I have sent them, even when I take the photos from across a 2 to 3 lane street.

If need be change your setting on your photo device. Good luck. smiling smiley
Ended up taking new photos as requested. Sent them back to marketforce and they turned around and sent me a response saying that the photos are not the correct location ( a single station on the side of the interstate in the middle of nowhere ) which I know very well is correct. At this point for 10 bucks it isn't worth it, maybe learn from this and move on. A little extra money would help for Thanksgiving but the aggravation factor isn't worth it.
5312x2988 , all very high resolution. Out of the shops I submitted they were picking and choosing which ones they liked and giving me a hard time about the others. At this point I'm just going to leave these alone and then they can have someone else take care of them.
They actually did that to me once. I know, and confirmed with five different people, that I was at the correct gas station. It was a de-branding and bonused to $125. I threw a fit once I realized they were sticking with their denial of the report. To no avail though. So, I got what was owed to me another way. Noone screws me over. I know this sounds tough and disengaged with niceness in writting.
I'm still trying to learn the ins and the outs of how to make these things fly. Sometimes I have better luck than others that seems depending on the company and how picky they want to be. For $125 I would have been all over that too but for this one the amount of time isn't worth the effort because the pay is so low. Like you said make it up next time especially when they start calling begging for someone to take care of something that no one else can get to or will work.
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