Major slowdown

I have noticed a major slow down of the amount of shops available for December. Has anyone else noticed this trend?
I would say that this month, I will do only about 1/3 of my usual shops.

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I'm new so I figured it was between the holidays and late postings and my lack of experience. But I'm kind of glad for it. I needed a break.
Yes, I've noticed it as well. But, am also relieved. I swore I would not shop in December as I too sorely needed a break (I work full-time). I'm just hoping my favorite shops are still with the same MSCs come January.

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Many retailers do not want holiday temps shopped, since they will not be around for long. Also, savvy schedulers make sure that all 4th Quarter (quarterly) shops get done before Thanksgiving. January is liable to start off slowly because MSCs tend to be slow releasing new shops in the first month of the year/quarter. Also, many client contract may come up for renewal and that shows down January shop releases. Also, clients may change MSCs for the new year and that will slow shop releases AND make it a treasure hunt to find which client is newly signed up with which MSC. All pretty normal for this time of the year.

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While retail slows down, other types of shops may still continue at a regular pace. My December's are always good.

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AARP have been good to me but will end in a few days, with restaurants and grocery still there through Dec.
I'm taking it easy, just about food.Driving in Dec. a hassle.

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I am very busy with other avenues of my life other than mystery shopping so I am not going to be mystery shopping after today's shop through 12/14 - but I have noticed a slowdown here in the Phoenix area, yes. I hope things pick up after the holidays and that new and interesting shops are created by new clients! That would be cool as I've been mostly shopping my old standbys when the rotation periods are over......
Everytime it appears that shopping is slowing down, that's good news for me. As those months which start out as slow always end up being my best months.
To piggy-back on @LisaSTL....I anticipate doing very well in December. It's a matter of stepping back from the pure retail shops and finding the industries that need to be shopped during the holidays... I have more work than I can handle right now - and **all** of it is bonused....
Yesterday, I drove past several wildly bonus-ed, easy shops. I was doing two new-to-me shops and did not want to clutter the busy day with more shops/reports, so I did not pick up those known shops. As it turned out, I could have added them and reported all shops on time. It's okay. The whole day was about finding out about the new shops and doing personal errands. I learned what I needed to know about the shops and whether I would add shops on the fly to such a day. I would do that!

Someone who has more time right now could weave these quick shops with other assignments and produce a profitable day or week.

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This month has been go to me so far. I was able to pick up about 2 hours worth of shops to cover basically all my vacation expenses, flight, parking, etc. for my quick Miami and Key West trip! I’m ready to slow down for the holidays though.

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I just saw on the MSPA fb page saying that 100 new shoppers just joined their page. So maybe they are getting snatched up by newbies too. I was waiting for a bonus on a shop to come up and notice the shop is gone. :/ Competition lol!

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C'mon, it slows down every December. There seems to be more shops every year, but in December they want them all done in the first 15-18 days. That's the main difference.
AZ is correct. I am being inundated with frantic emails with bonuses on December shops already.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
I've actually got more work this month than recently. I did 3 shops and an audit in a 4-day span this week. Now I was noticing an all-around slowdown in Oct.-Nov. and I have been having a hard time getting the audits like I used to all last year. They said it was a limited program, but they're still trolling for more auditors and I have to claim stores months in advance or they disappear within minutes.
I have definitely been doing less shops this month, but I’m crazy busy with getting ready for the holidays, holiday parties, etc that I don’t have as much time for mystery shopping anyway, so I’m okay with it.
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