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has anyone done these shops that you have to go in and count different sizes? Is it hard to learn how to do? Seems very confusing.

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I have not done any of these because other people on here have warned that it's a major Pain in the Neck. I've read the shop description and it seems like a lot of work for the money. They have regular customer service (with buy and return) shops for only $2.00 less in my area. I'd much rather do those. It's my understanding they can take more than an hour. Do a search on Spicy1's posts. She has quite a bit to say about these shops.

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I do not like to do the purchase and return and prefer the sizing one. I have done it 3 times, bonused. Took about an hour and it was $36. I just went about my business like i owned the place (not concerned employees would ask me what i was doing). Nobody ever asked. Would i do for Less than $36? Depends on what's going on with my schedule and money at the time. It is confusing at first but once you figure it out its no big deal. Shoes is a PIA because there are so many in the wrong area. Gotta take a photo when more than 7 in wrong area.
We never get bonused here, too many shoppers, if I ask for 10.00 extra i get an email saying job is taken...sad smiley

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I did one many years ago, and will never do one again. The manager was not told I was coming,and not happy to see me. The audit was difficult with no one to help in the store. I recommend that you not do one, as it took too much time and was most confusing. I do not remember the pay; however it was not the 2 1/2 hours it took to do the audit.
gbarnes, you must have done a different audit. On this one nobody, including the manager, knows you are coming. Nobody is supposed to help you, and it takes about 45 minutes. It must have been a different audit that they used to do?
I have done both the quick purchase and return as well as the sizing audits. The purchase and returns 20 to 30 mins tops even with return. Th sizing audits you can do in 45 minutes as long as the store is not a mess. If it is a decent non messy location 45 minutes once you get the hang of it. Your first maybe an hour. For super clean and not mixed store I have done in 30 minutes. Both reports are only 5 minutes. Easy money and you can make a route of them if their are lots of ross stores in your area. I would do the Purchase and return over the sizing audits if given the choice.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
The audit was lengthy. Ross corporate was called to confirm the audit to be done. Ross corporate knew nothing. As usual the store was a mess. Thanks for the feedback. Again, I still claim, that an audit will never be done on my part. I would only do a purchase and return shop, if at all. Depends upon the pay.
I use to do these shops. I could never understand doing an audit as a mystery shoppers. The store manager and employees can see you counting the clothes. I've actually had employees go ahead of me down aisles, correcting items. smiling smiley
I did a few and swore I never would again. The stores are a horrible mess in my area and it took forever. At one the employees were having a meeting next to me while I was counting saying how someone should be coming in soon to secretly check if everything is in the right area so we need to be checking to make sure everything is correct and be on the look out for that person. I felt like I could have counted out loud and announced which sizes were wrong and they still wouldn't have realized I was the person they were talking about.
They are so easy. I take a picture of the tag, count the items and take a picture if there are more than 7 mis sized in an area. They take agbout 30-45 minutes -tops. 'The only hard catagories are the shoes and bras and underwear, They are always mis sized.
I find these to be pretty easy. I quick count and block off the 125 and then go back and look at tags. I got pretty fast at these 10 years ago when I first did them. They should go up on the fee, just inflation and all, but I'll still do them. I was able to snag one for $31 in November that was a breeze. And got a $10 bonus on P/R just today. Think the MSC is a decent one.
I was hesitate to do those but glad I do those now. Super easy once you get the hang of them. It depends on the store and what categories were listed for that particular month. Some P & R shops take forever if there is a long check out line.

These are my absolute favorite shops. I do them all the time. I prefer the sizing shops. They generally take me 30 minutes, maybe a little longer when shoes are part of the audit. The more you do them, the less confusing they become.
You have to FIND the ROSS TAG and make sure it is the right category AND size. No Way Anyone can physically look at and verify 625 tags in 5 categories in 30 min and all the other requirements, it us physically IMPOSSIBLE.
I must be a glutton, but something about this job appeals to me and I want to give it a try. Need to apply for some more MSCs because I haven't stumbled onto this one yet. ;-)
@spicy1 wrote:

You have to FIND the ROSS TAG and make sure it is the right category AND size. No Way Anyone can physically look at and verify 625 tags in 5 categories in 30 min and all the other requirements, it us physically IMPOSSIBLE.
I knew you'd weigh in on this Spicy. It's definitely not my cup of tea. I guess it's a good thing we like to do different things or we'd all be competing for the same shops. By the way, thanks again for your earlier warning about these.

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.
The majority of Ross tags in my area stores do not identify the garment size. So I must look at the Ross tag AND the garment tag. Sizing shops are boring and they take 45 minutes to 1 hour, 15 minutes for me to do. It is the report I hate so much. The report takes 30-45 minutes, NOT 5 minutes. The stores in my area are messy, and it takes time to write a detailed report about the number and type of mis-sized items found in each size section. I have never lied on a report just get it done sooner, but the devil inside of me has considered it a time or two. That is why I no longer apply for sizing jobs. I always try my best to give the MS company and the client a good, thorough report each time.
Dandydew, I don;t know why it takes so long for you to do the report. I do the sizing audits in the my area and they are usually bonused. The actual shop takes anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the categories. Shoes are the worst! The report MIGHT take me seven minutes if I have to detail a category with seven or more mismatches. I take pictures of the tags and write down the mismatches so I have it all ready to go for the report. This is a MSC that will tell you that more is less as far as reporting goes, at least for this shop.

Your auditing style is similar to mine when it comes to the Ross Shops. 1 hour is worst case scenario and that's usually when shoes is one of the categories or when the store is messy or stock is low and I have to audit the backup category. I've developed a way of taking short hand notes in my phone when I have 7 or more items mis sized in a category. I also record the required 12 digit sku numbers in my notes.

These are my favorite shops and I've been doing them for years. I have a systematic way of doing these shops and it works for me.
I took pics of the skus also. And mine wasn't with the traditional msc, the report was easy peasy. It's the looking at, identifying and matching, the two required items on each of 625 articles strewn across the store that takes the time.
I think these really depend on the area people are in. Millieal said "when I have 7 or more items mis sized in a category". I've never not had more than 7 and in fact once I had only 6 of the 125 correct in a category. Yes, I have my short hand down to take notes in my phone but averaging 60 notes per category and them never being bonused in my area, it's just not worth it.
It depends on the store. And I only take them bonused. There is one in my small town and the store is newish still, so it's not in bad shape. I did one in the larger city once and it was a nightmare!
@AnneAshley wrote:

Doesn't this shop also require getting the manager's name? How do you manage to do that?

In every shop I’ve done, the manager’s name and picture have been posted near the front of the store. If it’s not there, the instructions tell you to simply ask an employee. You can just say you want to write him about something you saw in the store or your son/daughter is thinking of applying and needs the manager’s name for a cover letter. Really not a big deal.
If it's not posted, don't ask until you leave because you need both the first name and the last name.
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