Is it possible to make a decent living doing this full-time?

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I saw mystery shopping on an article from The Penny Hoarder late last night and figured I'd sign up for some MSCs and see what it was all about, since I could use the extra money and/or free food. Well, I singed up with all of the MSCs on their list and, since I am off of my normal job today, thought I'd get a couple free meals and see what it's actually like to do. I did a quick service place this morning and am signed up for a dinner pizza shop tonight. The quick service one was relatively easy and enjoyable! Took a little longer than I would've thought but I'm confident that I did well at it. I have been thinking about leaving my current employer and it's got me thinking... Is this a viable full-time gig?

I live in a major metropolitan area and have my own vehicle. A lot of the shops, though, seem to be for $2-9 fees with reimbursements, except for the ones I'm finding for like hair removal or fancy restaurants ($50-150) but I can see how you'd easily use most of the fee to pay for the shop.

Extra question I just thought of: is it bad/wrong/disqualifying to sign up for a bunch of food shops in a day but only really eat a few bites to taste? I was thinking it could be a way to make more money but can definitely see how it might not be okay.

Thank you guys so much for your help.

Edit: I would need at least $1,000-1,200 a month (and, of course, more is better) to pay my bills, so that's what I mean by decent living and viable full-time gig.

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