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This year most of the shops I have completed were reimbursement shops (restaurants etc). I did not make much (total is under $4). I worry if my ratio of income ($ paid for performing shops and $ for food reimbursement) vs expenses ($ spent on food and mileage) is appropriate. Right now they are almost equal... after deducting business expenses from business income I get only $200 of the taxable income. I technically could even claim office expenses since I have a separate room with desk where I only do the reports, but I am afraid to raise a red flag for IRS.
Is it appropriate to have your expenses matching your income, so that it looks like you made only so little without raising a possibility of the audit? I utilize all the available deductions according to the law and I really like my food shops. After all, they are business expense. I would appreciate your advice in this manner.

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You situation is entirely normal far many, many shoppers and other small business people. I would not take the office deduction for a year in which my net on Schedule C is low (but positive). It is not a trigger for IRS audit for very small business operation, so don't worry about taking it in other years when your net on Schedule C is higher. It is worth while to show a net profit, even a small one, so that the IRS will not treat your income as "hobby" income, which would disallow all of you expenses.

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I am not a tax guy, but that sounds like a pretty good answer. The home deduction I would not worry about.
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