Seafood restaurant chain question

There was an MSC that folded a few years ago. One client was the well-known dessert chain serving cheesecake and the other client was a well-known chain of "white paper tablecloth" midlevel level seafood restaurants. Does anyone know if either of these clients is still being shopped by other MSCs?. If they cannot be identified, I understand...I am just wondering if I should keep looking for them, as I have been.

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I saw about 6 months ago a bar audit only for Cheesecake, however, that is no longer shopped.

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The seafood company is being shopped by a small almost unknown MS. They had sent emails to anyone who had done the shops with the bankrupt MS, or lives locally who makes me suspect the new MS was created by former employees who had access to the database of the bankrupt MS.
Can you give us a clue? I do miss the cheesecake shops. I'm still working off my gift cards from them (we just go for brunch and don't spend much).
I used to shop cheese cake shops once a month, they have not been available for a few years in New England.
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