SCAM .... New Mystery Shopper needs advice

I am a new mystery shopper I got my first task and I’m not sure what to do the assignment says to deposit check in my bank account and then text task received for them to authorize release of the funds into my bank account so I can access the funds within 24 hours....... but because the bank is not local my bank will require the check to be on hold for 7 days, what should I do....

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Call your bank and ask to speak with the branch manager, then explain to him what you have been instructed to do. He will verify it's a scam. The check is fake, I promise you. Call the police, they will tell you the same thing. I am gonna guess it's for a few thousand dollars and they want you to wire them some money. Do not deposit the check and do not wire anyone money!!!!


Please read what happened to someone who fell for this scam (above).


And read the article above from the FTC. That should be an eye-opener for you.
The only problem with the moderator changing the name of the thread is that the "new mystery shopper" (who titled it that) may not recognize their thread when coming back in and may not read any of the advice given in reply to their post and question in this thread.
Thank you all I did not deposit the check in my bank account I just was curious...... and I also wanted to know what could they do they wouldn’t have access to my bank because they don’t have my account number or anything all they do have is my address apparently just asking............. but thanks and I also spoke to a real kinesis employer 206-285-2900 they also verified it as being fake......
Glad to hear that you didn't deposit the check. That scam is popular - and takes folks who are caught by it for thousands of dollars.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Google "Western Union Mystery Shopper Scam" - that will tell you all you need to know. I Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooov busting these "Brasspoles" - if anyone ever gets an email from these @$#^$^$ - keep it, send me a Private Message thru this site and I'll have you email it to me and when I play these chumps for all they are worth I will BCC you so you can laugh at these goobers until I drop the hammer on them in the last email. I do it a lot and love doing it to them
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