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I did a 5 Guys shop, their app and website wasn't working so I did what the guidelines said and went inside and placed my order. Shop was deemed invalid.

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Good luck getting in touch with a project manager via phone with that MSC. I would email Helpdesk.
Sorry, sarcasm. What I will do is I will finish the ones I have and then I won't take anymore when they hit the board. Since I have most of them, they will have to bonus them and I will recoup the money. The burgers, ahhhh, but I do them for the fries. I have the app, and I have a total of 57 apps on my phone, and I haven't had a problem ordering with the app before. This time, the app and the website weren't taking my order. There's a narrative box that asks what happened and I told them. I don't have the time nor the patience to argue with this company's editors when I know that risks being canned. No way I want to be canned. My choice is to not take them, let them go bonused and recoup. Be forewarned though!
I told you we need sarcasm font, LOL. I would still send a message to helpdesk. You should get paid.
I mean, that's what they're trying to find out right. How their app and online ordering process works. Sure, I should but they should already know that this is the course of events when their app doesn't work. I didn't screen shot or anything so I don't have proof. When I received the email it said if I have questions I can write to the Help Desk. So I was going to put the guideline info where it says if the app doesn't work to go inside and order. None of the other shops are the app order and I just look at the guidelines using their pdf and not save them to my computer. Although there was no place to put proof on the report, it just had the blib box and I filled it out. I'll get bonuses to cover this crap!
They won't can you for sending a polite email to helpdesk explaining that you followed the guidelines. I once went back and forth with them (about 20 emails or more) about a shop that I did correctly, and finally the right person got it and they paid me. I maintained my polite attitude but was steadfast. Helpdesk is not editors or QC so you don't have to worry about that.
I totally agree with @JASFLALMT here...

It sounds like you followed the directions perfectly and should be paid - in which case there is an editor who does not know the guidelines properly and needs to be corrected before more shoppers (or you again) have their shops needlessly rejected.

However, in the off-chance that there is something you missed (I can't imagine what), you can find out what it was before doing other shops and getting burned again.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I am pretty sure that Spicy didn't miss anything. She could do these shops blindfolded. I am sure they excluded it because of an editor who didn't know the guidelines or didn't read what she wrote in the narrative box.
I am assuming that, too. I figure that this is 99.9% likely to be on the editor.

At the same time, I know that the one time I have had a shop rejected, I was doing a really easy shop that I had done a million times - but had one change in the guidelines that I simply missed. I was personally glad to know what I had done wrong before I did the other two that were on my schedule. We all screw up periodically.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Yes, I've memorized the guidelines for all of these. I absolutely open the guidelines for each shop and skim through them for any changes also. For this client the CPI doesn't mention the shop type so you have to open the guidelines for each shop. For all shops I write basic info in my schedule book, for 5 Guys I write: 5 Guys, Main St, 4:15-9:15 only, no milkshake, online. I also open each shop right before I do them in case anything changes.

I just wrote the helpdesk, yiiiikes, let's see what happens. I just wrote that the guidelines say that if the app/online order does not work to go inside and place your order and that's what I did. I'll update when I hear.

And we wait.......
That's good, I know it's a PITA and you would rather avoid any trouble over it, but MFJ is right on that you could be saving other shoppers from having the same thing happen (and yourself down the road).
Yes, I mean, I earned enough from 4 gas stations to do 22 5 Guys shops so I wasn't going to bother but I'll give it a try. At least they would need to clarify the guidelines. The only thing I can think of is that, when it says to go inside and place your order, that I'm then supposed to leave. However, I don't think so because even with the online order you can leave or stay.
I just did a 5 Guys shop too and their website did not allow delivery which was the objective of the shop. Did anyone successfully complete this shop?
Ok, I heard back. They said that the guidelines said if the app and online are not working then do NOT go inside, but report what happened. So, I wouldn't have gotten a meal out of it anyway it worked out. Good to know! Looks like I did not see the word NOT on the guidelines. Probably the pig in me ignored it so I could get some fries!
For delivery, you have to use a delivery service like Grubhub. I mean, I don't know what mystery shopping company you picked up the shop from but I'm not aware of 5 Guys delivering for themselves, maybe in New York?
The same guidelines applies for the phone shop. If you can't reach them, don't go there.
I had a website one where the app was temporarily out of service. I didn't go in and did not get my food..boo hoo..but I missed the part about capturing a screenshot of the website notice. Of course the website was back up when I was trying to report the shop so I couldn't get the screenshot after the fact. I just explained it in the report where it asked the "Why" question. The report was accepted and I was paid for the shop.

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