Doing taxes with flat rate shops

If a Donut shop pays $15 flat rate and you buy $10 of donuts (not reimbursed), how do you claim taxes on that?

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$15 Revenue - $10 Expenses = $5 Taxable Income aka Net Profit.

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How much of a purchase was actually required by the guidelines? To me, that determines the deductible shop expenses.

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It is potentially a gray area. Someone trying to minimize taxable income may interpret the tax laws to allow them to deduct the entire purchase so they will spend $15. Others will deduct only the minimum to meet the required purchase.

This is similar to when the minimum purchase costs more than the reimbursement plus fees (If any). What I do may or may not pass an audit but it is based on my understanding.

Two different tax advisors may have different understandings as well.

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