What is with all the "Late Night" Gas Station shops??

I mean, I appreciate that the fee is a few dollars higher, but I would much rather be able to make a quick route during the daytime than click on all of these shops only to see "this is a Late Night Mystery Shop" ...ugh. Never Mind! I guess I *could* work all day, go to the gym with hubby, go home, cook dinner, and THEN go do a route of gas station shops, THEN do the reports...or not.

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They're much harder to get people to commit to; especially in winter. That's why they're all over the boards.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I did a few a few months ago and swore I would not do them again at any price. The crime element at night and almost getting hit by cars is not worth it.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
On the bright side, almost all of the locations in my region are rural, so crime and traffic really are not significant issues. And, the major MSC in my area will pay quite a bit more for these as we get towards the end of the month. It's a pain, yes, but it can be quite a cash cow when the deadline starts to approach.
The need for them would seem obvious. Clients want to know that all lights and fixtures are functional. No way to get truly supportive photos without the sun being down.
For what its worth, make sure to take photos of every angle and thing you can think of. I had done several daytime shops with no issues. I did 3 of the "late night" shops before Christmas per the instructions, and 2 of the 3 got sent back for "larger photos needed," "need photo furhter away". I'm sorry but to be out in 10 degrees lurking around getting the perfect photo is not worth a few bucks to me. Maybe others have better luck, but my area is very rural and they notice when you dont leave in a timely fashion. Good luck.

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Wait. Doesn't "Evening eligible" mean that evening is optional? That's all I'm seeing for night shops.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

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Urban daytime shops are also interesting. Entrepreneurs selling items out of their vehicles, on the corner, behind the building.
I go in at zero dark thirty. Did 2 yesterday at 6 & 6:40 AM. +$15 made me get up and go. Reports accepted, no issue. Lights were on, that's all they need to see.
These aren't the "Evening Eligible" or "Darkness" shops - these HAVE to be done between 7 and 9 PM. Haven't named the client, so I guess it's fine if I say that the MSC is MF. I wouldn't mind the Evening Eligible shops, at least you have a choice!
Also, when the night only shops with MF only have a few days left in the month, they will open them up to all day.
Good to know, Thunder. I have been avoiding these because mine always get sent back for halos around the main sign pictures. I have tried 3 different cameras and every setting, but none of them seem to be able to filter out the backlight issues.
@thunderdeacon wrote:

Also, when the night only shops with MF only have a few days left in the month, they will open them up to all day.
These shops are not actually due until the end of the month.
Call your favorite scheduler to extend the date or on the last day you can self-reschedule (1 time) and get a few days extension.
@stormraven73 wrote:

mine always get sent back for halos around the main sign pictures.
If possible, park or drive just in front of the ID sign and capture 1 picture. The angle will not be optimal but, a clear picture should be available for the company to review. I did this last week when fog and halos made the picture impossible to identify. a note was also added to "Did you have any problems.". The shop was approved.
I would like to clarify, though, that the opening of the shops to all day is only for shops that have not been assigned yet. It's my understanding that if you sign up for a night shop, it still has to be done at night even if it date gets extended to the end of the month.

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I was a little confused about "late night mystery shops" as I have not seen them offered. However, when it was explained that MF was the MSC my confusion was cleared up. I'm probably one of the few shoppers that does not deal with MF. Like Hoju, I see "evening eligible" from a different MSC. But I'm not going to freeze my butt off for an extra $5.

Redink, those Urban out of the trunk behind the building shops sound interesting. Are they reveal or mystery?
Do you have a scheduler for MF that you work with all the time? Just curious. I also have completed some gas stations. Should I be scheduling with someone to get the better price?
With MF you don't have to take a pic of every damn pump, bathroom, counter, employee, trash on the lot, car wash (even when it's not been in operation for 10 years) etc. 1 pic of station w/mid and mid and you're on to the next station. That other company is out of their minds. Unless of course, they want me to do the four around me for $400 then they can call me.
@thunderdeacon wrote:

Also, when the night only shops with MF only have a few days left in the month, they will open them up to all day.
That's exactly what happened! There was a night-time gas shop, nobody would take it and then it jumped to a higher price for a day-time visit and I grabbed it! smiling smiley

The main reason I don't like the night shops is because the signage is "blurry" on my camera, as this is a dark area and lighting around there is limited.
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