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Hello, I'm fairly new here and have a question about a report I am completing. I was pleased to see a pizza shop available for a restaurant we love, but rarely visit due to the price. I did a delivery shop for them last night. I enjoyed the meal, but now have a question about the report. It is asking if I found it a good value. Sure it's a good value for no cost, but this place is not a good value if I were paying to dine, which I assume is what I am actually reporting. I love the food, but just think it is overpriced. I"m trying to weigh how to respond being honest but still giving a positive report. Any advice on how to proceed?

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They want to know if you believe it is a good value without the reimbursement. You can report that you believe it’s not a good value based upon the comparative pizza places in your area. However it’s good to report on not just the price but the quality as well. Also to report on value, remember to compare other delivery options not just dine in.
In deciding whether delivery pizza was a good value, I would consider the cost to me if this had not been a shop, the quality of the ingredients, presentation, taste, portion size, temperature, correctness of the order, customer service, the speed of service, and anything else that had an impact on the experience (such as coupons/discount for future visits). I would also compare the prize and pizza with those from competitors that delivered to the same area.
Some assignments say, "Don't complain about things we can't change, such as the menu prices or the décor" If you are able, tell them how you feel. They are afterall, asking for the value of the meal, which is, did you get your moneys worth based on the price and the food quality and the quantity. .smiling smiley
"good value" IS asking for a comparison with your other options for similar quality.

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It's a tough question though. If you say it's not a good value, you are likely to have an editor contact you. I don't have too much experience with this company. But I have had editors contact me from other companies when I stated a food place wasn't a good value. I have been almost pressured to change my answer. I know the shop you are talking about. My kids wanted me to do it. But I think the pizza is too expensive, so I didn't do it. I'm waiting for a bonus. I'm not sure how I would answer the question about value for this particular place.
Obviously this pizza is not a good value. Just be sure to justify why you think it is not a good value.
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