Asking for SSN?

Is it safe to put in your SSN awhile creating an account to become a mystery shopper??? Is it a necessity?

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You do know that you are required to pay taxes on all earnings, including your mystery shopping earnings, right? If you don't give your social security number, how will a mystery shopping company report your income? Beware of any company that offers to pay you without asking for your social security number (or EIN), because that company likely is not legitimate.
Many companies will allow you to create the account without the SSN or using a default like all 9s, but you can't get paid until you give it.
This is one of the reasons it's a really good idea to confirm the legitimacy of an MSC before signing up. The ones listed on this cite are all verified by forum members and trustworthy. I've signed up for a couple of companies not listed her and one of the steps I used to verify them is to ask about them on this forum. If they are legitimate, you can generally find a long-time shopper online who has worked with them and can vouch for them.

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AFAIK, the MSCs listed here are not "verified" by the MSPA because they are not all MSPA members. They have been verified by forum members. It is also good to realize, MSPA or not, the companies are legitimate. Legitimate doesn't guarantee they are trustworthy. That's where member discussions come in.

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