Let's talk cancelling.....

So, I assigned for a 15.00 Jack, won't do them for less, and this is 2 miles away..I can take it but my heartburn, that's another story. The jobs here go from 8.00 to 15.00 with a couple 12's along the way. I read my email and it says 8.00, I throw a fit, and email, stating their error. I'm flat out not doing it for 8.00. Hope someone answers as i was planning to do it at 4.00. Who's cancelled due to this type of error?

Live consciously....

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Jack's horrible burgers and greasy tacos are not worth it. tongue sticking out smiley Now, however, if they want to pay me $25 bucks, I can swallow part of the food. smiling smiley
I'm in DC, so the shops are not in my area. Can you order something other than a burger?

I had a similar situation recently. I self assigned the steakhouse shop for the dining room and not the bar. A few days later, the bar was $20.

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No, must get a burger and fries drink or water.....comes out to reimbursement and is the pits. The first burger I got was drenched in ketchup and soggy and the fries were cold, second was a little better, but I hate the cheese they use. I would do it for 15.00, what i'm complaining about isn't the burger, it's the fact I self-assigned for the 15.00 job and they email me with an 8.00 job..same location and work. switch and bail.

Live consciously....
Disclaimer: I haven't done one. Irene, do you have a screen shot, or any email of the $15?

I am not a fan of cancelling. Even if.
Yes, it's still on the board, same jobs range from 8 to 15, of course I applied for the 15.00. I don't cancel either unless an emergency like the fires. i feel i have every right in this case.

Live consciously....
Well, I don't know how they would have lowered an assigned job, but anything is possible. I have found the team who uses a few different scheduler ids that assigns any given job to be responsive by email. As you indicated, they tend to list the same location at many different rates.

Their goal is to get the job done as cheaply as possible. I did do four in an hour recently at the higher rate. I didn't eat much thankfully at those visits, just enough to report the quality accurately.
Update, I get an email today saying, they have a shopper to do this for 8.00. Continue with other shops, shop has been cancelled. They could care less that I cancelled, they got it done for half the price.....that's why fees remain low.
This is an MSC talked about on the forum.

Live consciously....

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I would be annoyed....I have had few of those, different client, different company...just email back and ask for clarification/correction...
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