Has any one done the revealed digital photo audit for trendsource?

15~20 photos at a restraunt. For $10 plus the $30 I requested for travel pay. Has anyone done these?

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I have done them for three different restaurants for them. They are not bad at all -- but the Manager and staff seem to think you're going to report them to the health department or that you're there from EcoSure. All paranoid about little things. We're just there to snap some photos and get a signature. I did a few of them and they went quickly. If it's the same type, I called ahead to let them know I was coming and they gave me their slow times. It made it much easier to work and grab photos. The uploading was easy, too and a simple report. Definitely more worth it if you get the travel pay. I've caved and done a few for low $$$ when things were slow.

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