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I did a luxury perfume shop for them on 2/2/18 and part of the information/scenario packet said that I would be reimbursed for the perfume purchase plus shipping costs in advance of the shop pay due to the cost of the perfume. I was to purchase the perfume, fill out the report, then mail the unopened perfume to an address in New Jersey. I did the shop on Saturday and mailed the perfume out on Monday. Since the cost of the perfume was $230.xx plus, I was hoping to really get reimbursed fairly quickly as promised. I received an email the Monday I shipped out the perfume asking me to send pictures of the packaging and receipt for the shipping back to the email sender. As soon as I shipped it out, I sent the required pictures by return email. The package was supposed to be delivered on Monday (It s along way from TX to NJ.).

I have emailed and called trying to find out what exactly "quickly" being reimbursed means but have had no response from the initial scheduler who is Diego. I called and spoke to Leslie who told me that Diego is the POC for the reimbursement and I followed up with another email to Diego after speaking to Leslie asking about the status of reimbursement which has not been responded to. Diego is not listed on the phone menu. It will be 2 weeks on Saturday since I did the shop.

Has anyone else done this shop that can shed light on whether quickly means a matter of days/weeks or just before you get your fee payment for the shop? Am I just being impatient? Leslie did say they usually paid out on Fridays and it depended on when you submitted the documents. I just would like to get information and I'm disappointed that I don't even know if my emails are being read or not!

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Hi TexGmn! We are looking into the cause for the delayed response. Someone from The Shadow Agency will contact you today. Please let us know if you need anything else.
FYI, these perfume shops are actually fun. Did two of them yesterday, spent over $500. Oh yeah!!
Don't let Mrs Eric find out she'll make you keep them again!

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Thank you for the responses... I’m still waiting to hear back as far as timeline for reimbursement . I did enjoy it - I just wish the perfume wasn’t so expensive or I’d consider buying some for my own use.
Oh, she knew. I'm mailing them back this time, but the amount of samples + other gifts that they gave me? She's keeping those!
Did any of you get back your reimbursement for this shop already? I contacted my scheduler and no response.
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