1099 question

When an MSC sends you 1099, showing income paid to you, does any of that include reimbursement amounts or are those generally not included? thank you.

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Depends on the company.

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of course, we need to keep our own records, but I was wondering also if they split it out on the form? depends, right lol.
Unfortunately, some MSCs send 1099s that may include some or all of your reimbursements. That is a BIG reason the shoppers need to keep good records of their own.

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It's a crapshoot. Best thing is to keep your own records, make sure you have copies of everything, and be meticulous about it all. Some companies will include gas payments and fees, some will include both of those and your reimbursements, some will just include the fee and no gas payments, and others will include some random hodgepodge of both that no amount of accounting can figure out exactly what is reported on that 1099 -_-

It's more of a matching tool, though. If you keep your records, you'll be straight. Just don't throw anything away in case an audit comes knocking.

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