7pm- 9 pm gas station shops

Has any one done these shops for MF before it was dark? With the time change, sun won’t set complete until after 8.... Has anyone done these prior to sun setting and if so was your shop approved? I asked my scheduler when she told me the times but I did not get a response. I have done these before during this time of year with no issues, however the new COI specifically states after dark. Thanks for your help

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If the guidelines specifically state "after dark", that is when you go if you want to insure getting paid.

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It was the after dark specification that ruined my idea of chaining 4 gas shops tonight that are going for high fees because they're in the middle of nowhere. The distances are too great to hit more than 2 in the hour of darkness before 9pm, though, and that doesn't make it worth the drive for me.
That messed me up they haven't taken into account the time change that has been mandated by those idiot's in Congress.
By those idiots in Congress are you referring to the Congress in 1916 when DST was originally instituted or the one in 1966 that passed the Uniform Time Act or the one in 2005 that added two weeks in the spring and one week in the fall?

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Doesn't "idiots in Congress" apply 24/7 since the first time a Congress was formed? So...all of the above!
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