Report completed and Sassie is down for maintenance!

I just completed the remaining oops on a Hotel/Casino/Dining shop and POOF! Sassie is down for maintenance. I took screen shots of the report at the bottom and of the Sassie down for maintenance screen. I can't imagine that it matters any to the MSC though. I also printed it. omg. I ate dessert too and now my tummy hurts.

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I was finally able to submit the report. Note to self, save often. It had, very fortunately, saved my report so I just had one oops. However, it didn't go back up until well after 11pm. On my regular job I have to be at my first store at 6am so I get up at 4am. I should have partied when I was younger so I would know how people get up early when they're up late. Now to figure out how works.
It's okay spicy. I partied enough for you and me (and maybe a few other people) when I was young and still ran a successful business. I didn't get much sleep, needless to say. Nowadays I can't stay up late and function in the morning. Not at least without coffee. And I didn't even drink coffee until I was in my 30s!!!!!
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