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Need some help in guidance. Back in 2014, I did some money transfer shops for a legit mystery shopping company (never sent money just had to audit process up to making payment and back out). I got paid for the shop and life was good. Flash forward 4 years and I receive a letter from the money transfer company (the client) saying they owe me money (over $200). The letter is geniune becaused
I called the money transfer company's phone # from their website (not letter) and verified it was valid. Letter says if I don't claim money from them they will forward to my state's Unclaimed Property department.

If I remember correctly, one employee put my "request" through without me actually making a payment. I backed out at the end by saying that I left money at home. Left and never returned. I guess two days later, another employee reversed the transaction "incorrectly" and refunded the money to me (which was never paid in first place).

I sent an email this evening to the scheduler that was involved in the shop and waiting for response. I want to be able to call the money transfer company to explain situation but can't due to confidentiality agreement with the mystery shopping company. So, now just waiting to hear back from the scheduler.

Anyone come across the same issue before? How would you handle it?

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Woah! I've never had that happen. I know you did the right thing by letting the msc know, or the scheduler anyway. Between the msc and the client, they should be able to handle it. Good on you for being honest!
I'm most curious if the same scheduler is connected with the MSC

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