Whiteclay assignment

I received a letter today with a check for 1,986.11 to use at Wal-mart. I know that this is a scam but I have the letter and check if Ziggy with the true Whiteclay Company would like a copy of either or both. I am sick of people trying to scam others and hope this can help their company put a stop to this scam. The gentleman's name on the letter is James Collins and his telephone number listed on the letter is 805-366-6804. The name on the envelope is Maria Del Mar Tobon with an address of 11801 Lark Drive. Ranch Cucamonga, CA 91701. Please email me if you would like copies of this form and check. Thanking you in advance

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I suggest you simply turn it over the either your bank or the police so that it gets channeled to the proper investigative team.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Scam...not another.....do not cash it, turn over to police or report to internet fraud.

Live consciously....
Hey, Ziggy from White Clay here. Yes, the Walmart check thing is a total scam; these criminals are just using the name of our company to make their scam LOOK legitimate. DO NOT DEPOSIT THE CHECK; DO NOT ACCEPT THE ASSIGNMENT.

Once you deposit the check, they'll have you buy a $400 gift card from Walmart (maybe for iTunes or something), scratch it off, then send them digital photos of the card's number. They immediately spend the money on the card; a few days later the check they sent you bounces and you're out $400.

At this point, I have 15 images of the same check and packaging, so no need to send.

But I'm VERY interested in how they reached you. Some people have been approached via LinkedIn accounts, and if you have any screen grabs of that occurring, I can use that to have LinkedIn shut down those accounts.

Or if you clicked on some sort of advertisement on a website, if you happen to have a picture of that ad, we can send it to the site where you saw it and get it pulled to prevent others from being scammed.

Be safe!
If it was via the Postal Service they will wind up with it. But it might be the secret service they do phony wire transfers and uttering forged/bogus checks. That is after the PD looks into it. make a good mystery shop at a bank after you explain that you got this check in the mails and that they want you to cash it and send them most of it back see if the teller catches that its a scam.
they reach me by text messaging. then a few days later I received a money order and what to do next
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