Restaurant VS Deli Counter

Can anyone help with a clarification on what constitutes a restaurant at a gas station? I have been answering the question regarding a restaurant at the location as NO if all I see is a deli. There is no seating. Of course, the shop goes on hold as a result.

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If it’s not clear in the shop guidelines, then contacting the scheduler would be the best next step. Especially if you are doing more than one. Unless someone has done that specific shop, it’d just be an opinion, and probably not how the MSC/client wants it.
What did the guidelines say and did you ever try clarifying this with the MSC?

If unsure, I'd explain in the report and use your best judgement if you were not able to receive clarification from the MSC in time.

If there's a separate 'entity' with a dedicated employee working at the deli, I'd consider that a restaurant within the convenience store.

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If multiple shops are ending up on hold, the guidelines must not be clear. That leaves you to get clarification, in writing. If they continue to be put on hold, it's obvious the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing at that MSC.

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Still waiting on the answer from the MSC. I addressed the hold as best I could. There are notes that pop up when an answer is conflicting with a previous shoppers answer. I think I'm confused
because nomenclature on other shops for this same MSC specifically ask if there is a QSR. This shop just asks if there is a restaurant.

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It could vary by the client in particular, but the rule of thumb I go by is if the deli area can make "orders to go", it qualifies as a QSR.
I would consider it a restaurant. A QSR (Quick serve restaurant) has restaurant in the title. This is just my opinion.
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