Updating My MSC Profiles - Any "Easy" Solutions?

Hi All! Just curious if there happens to be an "easier" solution that going to every MSC I am registered with... (ugh, 140+ I think), and manually changing my email address?

Part of my issues:
* I no longer have access to my old email. It was a domain addy, and I allowed my domain to expire, which of course leads to a kit-n'-kaboodle of other issues - namely:
---> Since I can't access the old email, I cannot do a "forgot password" IF I cannot recall my old log in!

* I'm finding out that any of the ShopMetrics Platforms will not permit me to change the "Email Notifications". This is due to my old email address bouncing. HOWEVER - the ShopMetrics Platforms do not have a company email address posted, eg: support@msc.com
---> Does anyone know how to get the "Notifications" changed in your ShopMetrics Profiles so that you CAN receive emails, and your old "bounced" email issue is corrected?
---> Better yet, does anyone know if there is a common, "help desk Email addy" for shopmetrics, such as "support@nameofmsc.com"

The really sad thing is, of 40 tabs I opened from my bookmarks starting these updates, 12 of those are getting 404 errors and appear to no longer be in service.

Thanks in advance for your insight and help!


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With Jobslingerplus, one can easily change all Sassie shops. Of course, that doesn't cover those MSCs which you Shopmetrics, Clientsmart, or Prophet or their own system.
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