New Lawmate Neo Pro Kits are in stock and available for purchase + full list of video shopping companies

We currently have the newest Lawmate kits in stock right now. For anyone looking for a deal, we are offering the first few customers the opportunity to buy them at our cost in exchange for some feedback or being able to use your device prior to sending it to you to make a couple of test videos.


In addition, we want to let everyone know that anyone who buys a Lawmate or Mystery Shoppers Depot DVR kit at regular price will get free IMSC video shop training included ($75 value). The link below is the details of the training we are offering. You an choose from well-known Kathy Hart or Servanne Edlund. If you are new to video shopping, this is a fantastic offer!


We also have taken the time to reach out to most video shopping companies to get a list of what devices can be used for their shops. This includes Lawmate, Mystery Shoppers Depot, and a couple of other types of cameras, as well as a comprehensive list of companies who do video mystery shopping. Here's a list so you can sign up for everyone.


Lastly, we will match or beat all print offers from other competitors. At the very least get a quote from us, too. Worst case you spend a few minutes and don't get a better deal, but best case you save quite a few bucks and get a great deal.

The Mystery Shoppers Depot is a proud sponsor and member of the IMSC. There is an extra level of accountability by utilizing companies affiliated with the major mystery shopping groups so always double check to see if your vendor is affiliated.

IMSC and MSPA members get 10% off any regular priced product with us.

We accept all major credit cards and most cryptocurrency.

312-684-4283 (text only please)

CEO The Mystery Shoppers Depot
US Wide route shopper with 12k+ shops completed over 48 states and 6 countries.
Airbnb host based in Chicago and 10% discount if you mention this forum

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I just found Joe recently. As in 3 days ago. I can't stop singing his praises. He was so kind and generous which I rarely encounter anymore. Especially in NYC where I live. He got my Lawmate gear to email overnight so I could complete all my shops this week. I rarely post here, but I had to respond to this.
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