green gas "visual standards job"

i've noticed that you can double dip at green gas stations, as they have the regular quarter 2 shops, and also a "visual standards" shop. what's the visual standard like? easy?

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I had the same thought, but one of their emails said if you complete the consumer shop, you cannot do the visual standards shop.
No double dipping. One or the other the was I read it. The visual standards are a bit of a PITA, but once you become used to what you are looking for (and there's a lot of little stuff) they go quickly. It was somewhat overwhelming to me for the first one, but now I know what to check and it's much faster. You need the guide book

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If you use the app, and people stay at the pump so long you have to wait. The app won't move on and let you go ahead and come back and get the pump photo later. Anybody else have that this week?
In regards to these 2 different shops, does the website stop you from accepting both at the same store? I have several shops assigned for both projects, and am worried about accidentally assigning myself one where I have already completed the other shop at that address this quarter.

Hopefully what I’m asking makes sense!
Unless the MSC is desperate, both deadlines imminent, they will not permit doing both during the same shop. This MSC/client has 5 different shops.
i put in a bundle request for the normal audits that were accepted, but somehow i ended up with one of the locations being a "visual standards" visit. quick glance at the guidelines, this looks like a major PITA. how much worse are these than the standard audits. what should i be looking for?

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For just one shop it is a detailed PITA. Once you do a few it gets much easier, just like all their shops,
For me the visual standards go much faster. They are currently allowing us to piggyback them. At least that is what the email I got said. They seem to have a shortage of BP shoppers. I saw that coming when they messed up all our routes last year.
Here's what my email said:

" Hello!

Thank you for agreeing to perform a BP Consumer Audit opportunity! This email is to let you know that for a limited time you are also eligible to perform a different audit at the same location after you have completed your Consumer Audit and earn at least another $11.50 for spending just a little more time on site!

The BP Visual Standards Audit program is currently available to assign for the below location (s). It will require a second inside purchase and the assessment of many of the same site elements you are evaluating on the Consumer Audit with the focus on the BP brand standards at the site. The only requirement for performing both the Consumer and Visual Standard audits at the same location will be that you perform the Consumer Audit first as part of it must be done without having identified yourself."

If you want to do this (piggybacking) be sure and call them to make sure it's okay in your area.
You can do the visual AFTER you've done the regular one. However, if you've done the visual, you are not eligible for the regular least for a while and I don't know how long. I had it happen. I am not eligible to do the regular one at stations I've done the visual at earlier in the month. I assume because of the reveal and the mystery shop part that's required for the regular ones.But you can piggy back by doing the regular and then the visual at the same location. That was not the case when I did the visuals.

The more I learn about people...the more I like my dog..

Mark Twain
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